Alpine Shredders Limited

Alpine Shredders Limited is North America`s technology leader in the Secure Document Shred Truck arena. With more model options and a throughput range from 3000 to 9000 LBS per hour, ALPINE SHREDDERS LIMITED has changed the way the secure document shredding industry views the modern mobile shred truck. If you are looking for significantly lower operating costs, the simple choice is ALPINE.

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30 Alpine Court , Kitchener , Ontario N2E 2M7 Canada

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Internationally (various countries)
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Simple — Solid — Reliable

Three words that reflect our approach to engineering and three words that can pay huge dividends when you own mobile equipment.

We have engineered Mobile Shredding Equipment that is simple to maintain with fewer moving parts than competitive equipment. Simple engineering means virtually no maintenance.

We offer the best personal after sales service in the industry. And we know you need more uptime, less downtime and maximum revenue.

We are here to contribute to your success and help you work better. This is the Alpine Advantage.

Did you know…Alpine Shredders has over 100 years experience in the Transportation Equipment Business and over 50 years combined experience in Shredding Systems Engineering? And it is built into every Alpine Shred Truck we make…standard.

Five Simple Reasons You Should Choose Alpine Shredders

We know the decision to purchase a piece of equipment is a difficult one. In fact, the shredding industry is fortunate to have several manufacturers providing great equipment. But, there is a difference:

If you want the best value, the lowest cost of ownership and the simplest piece of equipment - you want the Alpine Advantage. Here is why:


Simple controls, easy to operate. Start/stop engage, visual control all at your fingertips.


Why spend 30 minutes unloading when you can offload in 5 minutes? Your time is valuable and time is money.


The Alpine Shredders Solid Cutter Shaft can handle tough material better than stacked cutter systems.


Simple Shredder = Simple Maintenance. With only six major parts, the Alpine Shredders System is a model of simplicity. Enjoy virtually no maintenance!


In 2004, Alpine Shredders introduced the shredding industry to the pinch type lift and have never looked back. The Alpine Shredders 'Shur Grip' is the ultimate universal cart lift system.


Alpine Shredders SafetySafety is paramount in our industry and Alpine Shredders’ Mobile Shred Trucks not only meet, but exceed every safety standard in the business.

We incorporate a multitude of safety options into every Shred Truck we build in order to protect you and your employees.

Included standard on every Alpine Shred Truck:

  • Access Safety Zones – shredder and payload bay
  • Work Lights – front and rear
  • Dual Lift Controls
  • E-Stops – curbside and drone area
  • Camera CCTV System – dual color monitors
  • OSHA Compliant Safety Labels
  • Safety Interlock Operational Circuit