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  • Case Study: Japan

    Case Study: Japan

    The paper shredding industry in Japan, like Europe and North America, is experiencing continued growth. The related paper volume increases meant that many mobile shredding companies found their current machinery incapable of meeting growing demand. ...

  • Case Study: United Kingdom

    Case Study: United Kingdom

    Russell Richardson and Sons have observed their shredding business continuously improve since they commissioned an AXO WM 608 Mobile Document Shredding Machine from AXO Shredders. Having previously only provided off site shredding the AXO WM 608 ...

  • Case Study: Switzerland

    Case Study: Switzerland

    When successful water-cooler entrepreneurs Yarom Ophir and Sid Apaydin were looking for new business ventures, they were attracted to the mobile document shredding industry. They saw several similarities with the water-cooler industry that they ...

  • Case Study: Singapore

    Case Study: Singapore

    Established waste paper merchant Semb Enviro Tay Paper has been involved with document shredding for many years in Singapore. When they saw that mobile shredding was becoming popular, they wanted a solution that would suit the particular ...

  • Case Study: New Zealand

    Case Study: New Zealand

    Lou Truyens saw a profitable niche in the mobile shredding industry and due to the long term revenues that it promised and the ease with which the business could be set up he started the company- Mobile On- site Shredding in Wellington New Zealand. ...

  • Case Study: USA

    Case Study: USA

    Like many Mobile Shredding business owners Mike Brechtelsauer of Absolute Shreds, Michigan, was interested in achieving greater throughput, which would ultimately contribute to a more efficient Mobile Shredding service. The machinery alternatives ...

  • Case Study: Australia

    Case Study: Australia

    Brisbane based Security Shred Australia had been involved with mobile document shredding for several years, and was operating a low throughput mobile shredding truck. “Our first truck shreds a maximum of 600kg`s of paper per hour”, says owner Nev ...