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  • Pellet Mills

    Pellet Mills

    Pellet mills working principle is, mash feed is forced outward through holes in a ring die by the action of two or three rollers, which is then cut to a predetermined size. Before mechanical process, steam can be injected into the conditioner at temperature 85 degrees celsius. The result of conditioning and pelleting process, starch is gelatanized, salmonella risk also is eliminated. Pelleting technology also used in pelleting wheat bran, bagasse,...

  • Pellet Coolers

    Pellet Coolers

    Pellet coolers reduce the temperature very quickly and reduce the moisture level from 18 % to ambient moisture level to 10-12 % avoid molding for proper storage and handling.

  • Aspiration Cyclones

    Aspiration Cyclones

    Aspiration cyclones are used for seperation of dust particles from air which comes from cooler and aspiration lines. It consists of two sections:

  • Aspiration Fans

    Aspiration Fans

    Aspiration fans suck the hot air and dust which comes from cooler and aspiration lines. Exhausts dust and hot air to the atmosphere. Aspiration fans consist of two parts:

  • Pellets Sieves

    Pellets Sieves

    Sieves are used to seperate pellets or granules which are too big, and to screen off the fines of the feed for return to the pellet service bin for further processing. Manufactured with 2 or 3 decks and 2 or 3 outlets.

  • Rotary Air Locks

    Rotary Air Locks

     Rotary air locks are used to control flow of bulk particles from outlet of pellet mill, inlet of cooler and outlet of cyclones. They consist of motor support and main body.

  • Extruders


    Extrusion is relatively new technology which, in simplest terms, consists of forcing a granular product through a small aperture by means of the pressure created by a screw revolving at high speed. The mechanical energy produced by the principal motor of the extruder is converted into heat up to 140 degrees celsius by the friction of the material under extrusion against the screw and the internal barrel walls. The combination of heat and churning...

  • Hammer Mills

    Hammer Mills

    Hammer mills are the generally used machine to obtain smaller particles in the feed industry. Hammer mills consist of 3 parts:

  • Mixers


    Short mixing time. Mixing accuaracy 1:100.000. Electropneumatically controlled sliding gates. The possibility of incorporating liquids. Capacities from 500 to 12.000 litres. Special shaft sealing and beraing. No stratification and no dead spots. Direct coupling system with two motor reductors