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AltaRock Energy is a renewable energy development company focused on the research and development of Engineered Geothermal Systems (`EGS`). AltaRock has filed patent applications for a portfolio of patents in the EGS area and holds exclusive licenses for related intellectual property. AltaRock is a leading energy production and technology company that makes use of innovative technologies to turn the natural heat within the Earth into electricity. Geothermal energy remains a massively under-utilized renewable resource, despite being one of the only sources of “baseload” or continuous renewable electricity production. AltaRock is uniquely positioned to facilitate the development of geothermal energy sources into the 21st Century and is working on a number of projects to do just that.

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7900 E Green Lake Drive N, Suite 302 , Seattle , Washington 98103 USA

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Energy - Renewable Energy
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Nationally (across the country)

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AltaRock develops and commercializes geothermal technology to produce clean, renewable power

AltaRock's current activities include an EGS project in Oregon, an innovative exploration project in Nevada as well as development of approximately 300,000 acres of land in Washington and Oregon for Weyerhaeuser.

The company has its corporate headquarters in Seattle, WA and its business office in Sausalito, CA. AltaRock was founded by Susan Petty who is also President/Chief Technology Officer.

Petty has 30 years of experience in the geothermal industry that includes well testing, and reservoir engineering and management. Petty was a founding partner in Black Mountain Technology, a geothermal consulting firm. She has designed and implemented more than 25 geothermal well stimulations, and was involved in early stage EGS fracture stimulations Petty is a named inventor on numerous AltaRock patent applications and supervises AltaRock's technology development program. Petty was a significant contributor to the 2007 EGS study conducted by MIT.

AltaRock is no ordinary geothermal company. By implementing our proprietary technology, we are able to safely and effectively create geothermal reservoirs, using a process known as EGS – Engineered Geothermal Systems – that in turn can be used to power electricity plants. Our Newberry EGS Demonstration project – supported by the Department of Energy - is an example of this type of bold innovation. Our technology and expertise can also be used in existing geothermal fields across the globe to safely and materially increase production – from a variety of under-performing and abandoned sites.

We are also targeting deployment of our technology and project development solutions across related industries in the resources sector, helping to turn produced water or wastewater disposal issues into safe, clean, renewable energy.

At AltaRock we are geologists, engineers, technologists and business people with a deep understanding and a passion for managing and optimizing natural resources to provide clean energy to power human activities. But we’re more than that: we are part of our community’s and the national drive towards using innovation to produce more cost-efficient sources of domestic energy, while maintaining our principles of environmental stewardship.