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  • Ecological Monitoring

  • Animal Population Surveys Services

    Animal Population Surveys Services

    We believe that all questions and advices regarding ecological issues should be based on sound ecological data. Whether you perform an Environmental Impact Assessment, design a plan for the ecological restoration of an area, or making a management plan for a protected area such as a Natura 2000-area, the work should be based on thorough knowledge on the distribution of habitats and the relevant species. The type of survey - censuses, mapping habitats,...

  • Design Of Monitoring Systems

    Design Of Monitoring Systems

    Monitoring systems are powerful tools for decision-making and process control. Monitoring may, for example, be used to assess cost effectiveness of operations, effects of management measures, project progress, animal population trends, vegetation succession and other ecosystem changes. We believe that the actual monitoring of ecological assets and the measures taken add much to an efficient and effective management of protected areas. The data should...