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  • Protected Area Management

  • Protected Area Management Services

    Protected Area Management Services

    Effective management of protected areas, such as National Parks, Hunting Protection Zones or Natura 2000 sites, is realised in the long term by a management system based on sound analysis of the ecological and socio-economic context of the area. This provides a management framework for its land, vegetation and wildlife, to be implemented by an adequate management body, which in turn needs to be balanced with a sustainable system of funding. A...

  • Collaborative Management Services

    Collaborative Management Services

    Biodiversity and natural resources are crucial conditions for the well being of mankind, contributing to employment, poverty reduction and a better environment. Conversely, conservation depends very much on the understanding and commitment of people to supporting sustainable development and to respecting their natural environment. Sustainable use and conservation are both benefiting from involving local communities where possible in resource...

  • Capacity Building Services

    Capacity Building Services

    The key to adequate conservation for any organisation responsible for the management of protected areas is the performance of its staff, which is achieved through building an efficient organisation with motivated and effective people. Nature and conservation management asks several specific skills : the management of specific habitats and species (protection, ecological resoration, mitigation measures), monitoring of birds and other species, mapping...