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  • Vendor Assessments Services

    Vendor Assessments Services

    Every business that uses suppliers has a need to assess them. Whether a basic insurance check or a heavyweight health and safety assessment, this needs to be based on the risk that using that supplier brings to your business. All of Altius’s vendor assessment services are designed to reduce that risk. By targeting assessments according to risk, we can also reduce their cost, with each supplier only assessed against the requirements deemed...

  • Supply Chain Profiling Services

    Supply Chain Profiling Services

    When you’re looking to reduce risk in your supply chain, a key task is to match all of your suppliers to the appropriate level of compliance, including the right mix of assessments, audits, and performance monitoring. Your most essential requirement for this is detailed, up-to-date information on all of your suppliers, including exactly what they do for your business. Gathering this information can be a daunting task, especially if you have a...

  • Supplier Sourcing Services

    Supplier Sourcing Services

    Finding a new supplier might have moved on from thumbing through a business directory to searching online, but it remains as difficult as ever to find the right supplier at the right time. It relies on having a range of tools at your disposal and getting it right can be the difference between success and failure in delivering your service. Altius can help in a number of ways. Firstly, our database holds up-to-date information on thousands of suppliers...

  • Compliance Audits Services

    Compliance Audits Services

    In some situations, and with certain suppliers or types of supplier, there’s no substitute for a physical audit. Audits can help you to identify issues that might expose you to risk, root out the causes of performance issues, or identify the potential for cost-reducing efficiency improvements. Altius has experience in managing and delivering a wide range of supplier audits. We can even undertake audits on your own supplier management systems, to...

  • Performance Monitoring Servcies

    Performance Monitoring Servcies

    Monitoring the performance of your suppliers can be crucial in maintaining high standards, as well as identifying the reasons for poor performance and taking steps to bring about improvements. If your suppliers are a crucial component of the service you deliver to your clients or customers, monitoring their performance is an essential means to growing your business by improving its delivery standards and reputation. Altius uses custom-built technology to...

  • Competency Management Services

    Competency Management Services

    The quality of the service provided by your suppliers can, with certain types of service in particular, be dependent on the competency of the staff delivering it. Getting the right people on the job can be the difference between a job done well and one done badly or even dangerously. For any work that involves a health and safety risk, individual competence management is essential. Altius’s competency management services allow you to gather...

  • Consultancy

  • Compliance Strategic Review Consultancy Services

    Compliance Strategic Review Consultancy Services

    This is a strategic review of your current supply chain risk arrangements in line with your overall organisation objectives. We will assist you in developing an objective view of your current strategy and work with you to identify areas for change. By tapping into your own staff’s ideas and using our own tried and tested methodology, Altius looks at how you currently operate and the opportunities for efficiency gain and risk reduction within...

  • Compliance Framework Design Consultancy Services

    Compliance Framework Design Consultancy Services

    Having in place a clear strategy and framework for managing supply-chain compliance can deliver huge benefits to your business through improved supply-chain performance. It ensures that your suppliers are clear about what’s expected of them and when, so that not only is compliance improved but so are the relationships between you and your suppliers. Altius will work with your key strategy leaders to develop a Compliance Framework for your...

  • Relationship Management Consultancy Services

    Relationship Management Consultancy Services

    Some of your suppliers are crucial to your business. If anything goes wrong with what they supply, the impact on you will be significant. These are the relationships where you’ve got the most to lose and all too often the most chance of losing it. On the other hand, if the relationship works both parties will benefit, the much talked about ‘win/win’. The team at Altius have helped many organisations in Transport, Utilities and the...

  • Audit Programme Management Consultancy Services

    Audit Programme Management Consultancy Services

    Altius will work with your organisation to develop a total audit programme. This may include workshops to crystallise the purpose and aims of the audit, right through to protocol development and then planning, management and management reporting of the overall programme. We are also able to carry out the audits ourselves, either directly or through the use of trusted third parties.