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  • Solvent and Desorbate Treatment Systems

    Solvent and Desorbate Treatment Systems

    AMCEC solvent and desorbate treatment systems are custom designed to meet each client's requirements. AMCEC uses the adsorption power of activated carbon (about 1,200 m2 of surface area per gram) to recover organic solvents. With recovery efficiencies as high as 99%, the economic potential is significant. Many users further reduce their operating costs with our ECOVAP energy saving units...

  • Voc Removal System

    Voc Removal System

    AMCEC has developed a proprietary process to remove hydrocarbons and VOC's from natural gas and landfill gas streams to produce marketable methane gas.

  • Hybrid Concentrator Units

    Hybrid Concentrator Units

    AMCEC Hybrid concentrator units efficiently control medium and large dilute air streams (less than 500 ppmv VOC) at much lower operating costs than conventional methods.AMCEC Hybrid concentrator units cost effectively combine two proven technologies - adsorption and oxidation - to exceed over 95% VOC removal efficiency.

  • Model NMP - Solvent Recovery Systems

    Model NMP - Solvent Recovery Systems

    NMP is used in the manufacture of lithium ion batteries as a solvent for coatings used for the anode and cathode substrates. The hot solvent laden air from the ovens is drawn into the AMCEC Solvent Recovery System where the NMP is recovered by a combination of condensation and adsorption. In addition to the recovery of the NMP, the AMCEC system also recovers in excess of 50% of the heat in the SLA for re-use. The cleansed SLA is...