Ameret LLC

Ameret LLC

Ameret offers a range of specialty soil and water remediation products. Each Trivol Remediation product has been specifically designed for environmental applications with an emphasis on performance, cost effectiveness, ease of use and environmental safety. Onsite hydrocarbon remediation, land or water. We remediate without the time and cost of removing the contaminant to a hazardous waste site. Our products are environmental friendly. We can remediate any type of hydrocarbon spill; returning the water to 99.99% pure and the earth to its original vegetation state.

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9025 Rosehill Road , Lenexa , Kansas 66215 USA
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Oil Spills
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Globally (various continents)

Charles Chick is President at Ameret LLC. Charles’ experience in research and development started in the United States Marine Corp. as forward observer in 1957. After three years of serving his country, he served as a patrol officer with the Kansas City Police Department. That experience led to invention and patent of the first residential alarm system.

In 1967, Charles founded Guardsman Alarm Corporation. Honeywell later purchased Guardsman Alarm in 1972 prior to becoming a billion dollar business.

Charles next big success came in 1990 with a patent on a preprint inserting machine for the newspaper industry and USA Leader Corporation was born in 2003. A NASDAQ Company later acquired USA Leader in 2006.

In 2007 Charles partnered with Tim Roudebush to found Ameret. After Tim’s death in 2013, Charles became sole owner and President of Ameret where he has developed and patented all of our current products, including Trivol® oil remediation products and Trivol® fire retardant coatings and panels.

Charlie enjoys meeting with his Inventors Club once a month to help new inventors with their ideas. Charlie teaches Sunday school and Bible Study on Sundays at his church.

Linda Westbrook is the Business Manager

responsible for the day-to-day operations including finances, purchasing, human resources, shipping and receiving. Prior to Ameret LLC, she spent 15 years as a marketing manager for Sprint where she managed the first online reference library. She owned and operated a successful office supply and printing firm in Dallas, Texas. Linda holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Southern Methodist University.

The On-Site Solution

A significant advantage of using Trivol Bioremediation products is conducting the remediation on-site. The need to transport hydrocarbon contaminated soil or water off-site as hazardous waste is non-existent. Permits and/or licenses necessary to transport contaminants is eliminated saving you time and money.

Eliminate Liability

As long as contamination exists, the property owner is legally and financially responsible from cradle to grave – whether or not the contamination has been moved off-site. Trivol Bioremediation products digests the hydrocarbon contamination in soil or water and produces harmless by-products such as carbon dioxide, water, fatty acids and biomass. Once the contamination problem is resolved, liability is removed.

More Than a Decade of Expertise

For more than a decade, Trivol Bioremediation technology has proven to be a non-disruptive, cost-effective and highly efficient method of safely breaking down many chemicals. Our process results in a faster and more complete degradation of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in surface soils, subsurface soils, groundwater, surface water and virtually any other area.

Effective Approach Using Trivol Bioremediation products

Trivol Bioremediation products provide an efficient, environmentally safe, on-site treatment solution to many hazardous waste cleanups. We restore most contaminated sites in less time and at a far lower cost than other remediation techniques.

How Does it Work?

When applied to oil spills, fuel spills, oily water and other petroleum hydrocarbon contamination, the best-suited Trivol Bioremediation product treatment effectively digests hydrocarbon waste while producing non-hazardous by-products. To date, our products and technology have been used to clean up crude oil, gasoline, diesel and other petrochemicals.

Depending on the project type, conditions, initial contaminant concentration and clean-up target, a Trivol Bioremediation product is added to the soil or water using in situ or ex situ techniques. Trivol Bioremediation products provides the framework for the microbes to directly metabolize contaminants and create enzymes for efficient conversion of contaminants to water, carbon dioxide and other non-hazardous substances such as fatty acids.