The American Institute for Packaging and the Environment will represent the North American market, whereby best use is made of the role, benefits and functions of packaging in society, such as protection of products and the environment and supplying information to and meeting the needs of consumers and customers. The American Institute for Packaging and the Environment, using sound science, will lobby legislators and regulators on issues related to the environmental impacts, marketing, sourcing, manufacture, and distribution of packaging throughout its lifecycle.

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Professional association
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Internationally (various countries)

The goal of the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment (AMERIPEN) is to be the recognized cross-sectional North American industry and trade organization that advocates and educates on environmental packaging issues related to legislation and regulation.

Lead the packaging industry through advocacy based on science, and enhance understanding of the role packaging plays in a more sustainable society, economy, and environment.

AMERIPEN carries out its activities through focused committees and projects. Affiliates and other interested parties may serve on committees and participate in related meetings or project work.

Relying on sound scientific principles, technical information, and a commitment to material neutrality, committees and project teams develop recommendations, guidance documents, business proposals, or other information for consideration by the Board of Directors and the AMERIPEN voting membership. At the direction of the Board, these committees may also develop and implement operational projects.

  1. Advocate for effective policies
  2. Align key stakeholders across the value chain
  3. Define the role of packaging in a circular economy
  4. Enable science-based decisionmaking
  5. Foster a responsible supply chain
  6. Leverage lifecycle thinking to ensure sustainable materials management
  7. Promote the value of packaging