American Ultraviolet Company

American Ultraviolet Company

American Ultraviolet has manufactured 100,000+ effective UVC germicidal fixtures for healthcare, industrial, commercial, and residential applications, including HVAC, hospital, pharmaceutical, laboratory, food and beverage manufacturing and processing, among others. For the best source of UV, it`s hard to beat the sun. However, for the best source of standard and custom UV curing systems, no one outshines American Ultraviolet. There are a few simple reasons for our leadership. American Ultraviolet has focused exclusively on ultraviolet curing since 1960. We`ve invested in the research and development necessary to stay at the forefront of the industry. We offer the highest quality products at competitive prices. And we back each and every UV curing system with superior technical support and customer service. We`ll provide the right solutions – solutions backed by more than a century of combined experience, with more than 40,000 units successfully in use throughout the world.

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212 South Mt. Zion Road , Lebanon , Indiana 46052 USA
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American Ultraviolet® has manufactured effective UVC Germicidal Fixtures since 1960 - 35+ years longer than all others. Close to 60,000 of these fixtures have been safely operating in hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms, doctors' offices, commercial buildings, food processing plants, and residences throughout the world - any place a concern for clean air exists. American Ultraviolet® is the clear leader in hospital UV, water treatment UV, and UV air sterilization technology, including HVAC UV light sterilization equipment, and remains committed to providing the highest quality equipment at a fair price.

American Ultraviolet® also manufacturers UV products for use in many other industries, including:

  • High-intensity UV spot-curing systems that bond substrates together using UV-curable adhesives
  • Advanced UV integrated curing systems for the narrow-web, industrial and large-web shutter industries
  • State-of-the-art standard and custom UV curing conveyor systems for screen and digital printers

What Makes American Ultraviolet® UVC Germicidal Fixtures Different
They feature the highest High Output (HO) Lamps, which provide even greater efficiency than lamps other companies offer. These lamps don’t lose as much germicidal energy when temperatures fall within the HVAC system, enabling them to kill more mold and bacteria across a wider temperature and air velocity range than all others. UVC Germicidal Fixtures from American Ultraviolet® also:

  • Resist moisture, which prevents corrosion on lamp ends and electrical connections that can shorten lamp life
  • Feature patent pending lamps that are the easiest to install and replace
  • Contain lamps that offer a two-year guarantee of operation with only 20% decrease in output over the two years
  • Offer 'Green' lamps that contain ≤ 8mg of mercury
  • Are made, assembled and tested in the USA
  • Can be used in unique custom in-duct and coil installations, for example, when very high volume airflow situations exist
  • Can be ordered with indicator lamps that notify customers when the lamp life has expired
  • Are very easy to maintain - simply wipe down with a damp cloth when performing already scheduled filter cleaning - no additional maintenance is necessary

Mr. Harrison O. Stines founded American Ultraviolet® in 1960. Since that time, we have been continuously operating as a leading manufacturer of ultraviolet technology. American Ultraviolet® is privately held and currently owned by Mr. Meredith C. Stines (son of Harrison O. Stines), who has served as company president since 1980.

American Ultraviolet® saw great success in its first 8 years and, by 1968, grew to the point where it became necessary to relocate to a 2,000 square foot facility in Chatham, New Jersey. In 1970, American Ultraviolet® increased the size of that facility to 5,500 square feet to meet production demands. In 1986, we again found it necessary to upgrade our production facility, and relocated to a 30,000 square foot building in Murray Hill, New Jersey. By September of 1995 this 30,000 square foot facility was inadequate for our production needs, and we relocated manufacturing to our own state-of-the-art, 70,000 square foot, facility in Lebanon, Indiana, and relocated our NJ sales office to Hackettstown, New Jersey.

We've since acquired several other ultraviolet businesses, including Aetek® UV Systems, UV Source, and Lesco UV; and opened additional offices throughout the country, including those in Atlanta, Georgia and Torrance, California.

Our focus has always been, and will always be, purely on ultraviolet technology. Our goal is to provide the highest quality ultraviolet equipment at a fair price. We maintain a full staff of engineers dedicated to UV technology, and also house our own sheet metal fabrication in our Indiana manufacturing facility. This combination allows American Ultraviolet® to manufacture consistent, and always high quality standard equipment. It also enables us to custom design and manufacture specialty equipment to our customers' exact specifications - custom equipment that takes other companies months, and doubles or triples their selling price, takes us only weeks, and helps our customers purchase far more for far less.