American Waste Digest

American Waste Digest

American Waste Digest is a national monthly magazine for the solid waste and recycling industries. The magazine provides private operators with realistic solutions and highlights equipment used in the industries. Each issue provides the readers with featured articles on self-help business subjects, market trends, current prices of waste stocks and recycling materials, product and services updates and profiles of individuals and businesses in the waste industry.

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226 King Street , Pottstown , PA 19464 USA

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Publishing company
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Waste and Recycling
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Nationally (across the country)
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Charles G. Moody III Publisher Emeritus

The phrase 'garbage in...garbage out' represents one of the most basic lessons of this century. It applies to the food we eat, the commands typed into a computer, the things we teach our children, and practically everything else humans are involved in. As ironic as it sounds, we at American Waste Digest, are not interested in putting garbage into our magazine. We are interested in presenting a diverse menu of products and information applicable to the whole of the waste industry. We know that our readers are already Knee-deep in garbage. It is our purpose, therefore, to provide the waste industry quality information to help run quality businesses (quality in...quality out).

It is our hope that you find each issue to be useful as well as stimulating and refreshing. We have designed American Waste Digest to be a special kind of trade magazine. By providing a wide range of information and market observations, we intend to deliver something you can act upon.

Combining good ideas and creativity is what makes every business successful; so, we strive to deliver the news, opinions, research and analysis you can use in your businesses in each issue. While our scope is primarily U.S.-based, it is not uncommon for us to touch on international markets as your needs demand.

The feature, FROM THE PUBLISHER, presents my personal findings on various industry-related topics. I blend ideas from trade shows, periodicals, business contacts and personal convictions to provide you with an informed opinion. BUSINESS TALK and ALONG THE WAY regularly provide detailed analyses of the innumerable aspects of running a business. MARKET WATCH presents the most current view of recycling market prices as well as a waste industry stock watch. Plus, PRODUCT & SERVICE UPDATE provides any business the forum to make announcements. In addition to informative articles, we want you to use American Waste Digest as a product and service resources.

It is our objective to meet your needs at every stage of your business and personal growth. Please feel free to let us know. Above all, please keep reading. We believe this will strengthen your business measurably as time and the waste industry move forward.