For more than 30 years, Amex develops rehabilitation and sealing systems for pipelines, globally accepted, proven and reliable. We renovate pipe connections and repair defects in accessible pipes for all possible media, such as potable water, raw water, gas, sewage, industrial media and cooling water.

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Raudenitzer Berg 19 , Nöbdenitz , 04626 Germany
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Pipes and Piping
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Globally (various continents)

AMEX-10 is a worldwide approved rehabilitation- and sealing system. Designed for installation in man accessible pipe diameters from 500mm and larger of various material. Proved to be safe, solid, reliable and and cost effective the AMEX-10 seals are installed by experienced specialists using special installation equipment. Access to the pipe can be hundreds of meters apart, thus minimizing excavations and disturbance of traffic, which saves considerably in comparison to conventional repairing systems.

The high quality rubber gives the AMEX-10 seal for gas and water an excellent physical performance and stability. DIN-DVGW certificate in Europe and other world wide concessions and certificates are available. Each AMEX-10 seal will be tested after installation and guarantees for quality. AMEX-10 seals stop leaks permanently and this for compareable low costs.

The Amex organisation is entirely oriented on the customer’s needs and wishes. We provide to our customer all existing resources. The quality of our service determines the customer’s level of satisfaction and always corresponds to the highest standards.

Openness, tolerance, understanding and patience are indispensable characteristics that we make our own to act in an international environment.

Amex stands for one of the most effective solutions for pipe renovation, which we represent globally.

Respect, consideration and understanding are basic attitudes that we at Amex have made an integral part of our organisation and convey all in every aspect to our customers, suppliers and partners.