AMWEI Thermistor

AMWEI Thermistor

AMWEI Thermistor, professional manufacturer of PTC & NTC thermistors (THERMally sensitive resistors) and thermistor temperature sensors probe. PTC thermistors application cover over-current & overload protection, motor starting, temperature sensing & protection, self-regulation heating, linear silicon PTC thermistor temperature sensor, AMWEI Thermistor make Linear Silicon PTC Thermistors Temperature Sensors, Alternative to Philips NXP KTY84, KTY83, KTY81. NTC thermistors application cover power thermistor for inrush current suppressing limiting, NTC thermistor for temperature measurement, indicator, temperature compensation, temperature control, in either radial leaded, axial leaded. Can also make custom made thermistor temperature sensor probe assembly, in ring terminal, copper, ABS, Al, stainless steel tube or threaded,to suit screw-in-place, surface, screw thread, chassis, Pipe clip, water liquid immersion temperature measurement application.

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11-502, Songpingshan, Langshan Road, North Area, Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan , Shenzhen , Guangdong 518057 China

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Electronics and Computers
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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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