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  • Microscopic Particulate Analysis

    Microscopic Particulate Analysis

    Introduction In 1989 the EPA promulgated the Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR) in response to the 1986 Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). The overall goal of the SWTR is to protect consumers from pathogens. The SWTR recommends a ...

  • Coliphages


    Background Enteric viruses may contaminate water supplies, causing waterborne disease outbreaks, including gastroenteritis and infectious hepatitis. Microbiological quality of water is typically assessed using total and fecal coliform bacteria and ...

  • USEPA Method 1623 and 1623.1

    USEPA Method 1623 and 1623.1

    Introduction Cryptosporidium spp. and Giar-dia intestinaiis are well-known waterborne pathogens that have caused disease outbreaks around the globe. The 1993 outbreak of cryptosporidiosis in Milwaukee and subsequent outbreaks have stimulated ...

  • Water Treatment Plant (Wtp) Optimization Techniques

    Water Treatment Plant (Wtp) Optimization Techniques

    Introduction Given the seemingly ubiquitous, yet episodic nature of pathogen presence in source waters, monitoring and opti-mizmg the performance of water treatment plants is an increasingly important aspect in many suppliers` plans for maintaining ...

  • Algae Enumeration and Identification

    Algae Enumeration and Identification

    Algae Enumeration and Identification Algae are ubiquitous in virtually all aquatic environments and are important bioindicators of water quality. They are frequently used to assess and monitor the health of aquatic systems. On the other hand, they ...

  • Viral Analyses

    Viral Analyses

    Outbreaks of foodbome and waterborne illness have been associated with viruses`*" . The viruses that are typically transmitted by water (via the fecal-oral route) belong to one of the largest groups of viruses called the enteric viruses. At least ...