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  • Saran - Film / Gas Sampling Bags

    Saran - Film / Gas Sampling Bags

    Saran Gas Sampling Bags. Chemically inert, Disposable and Inexpensive. Collect, Transport, and Store Gas Samples. Collect expired Breath Samples for Lab analysis. Transfer gas from pressurized containers for use at atmospheric pressure. Shipment of Non-Toxic Gas Samples. Preparation of Gas Mixtures. Tube fitting TN6 (standard) sealed in edge of bag. Optional: other fittings also available.

  • Dyneon - Film 5 mil Sampling Bags

    Dyneon - Film 5 mil Sampling Bags

    3M Dyneon THV Fluoroplastic (a polymer of tetrafluoroethylene, hexafluoropropylene and vinylidene fluoride) provides a combination of performance advantages over PTFE or FEP . A Dyneon sample bag can be used in a variety of applications such as automotive (low-permeation systems), chemical processing industry, and semiconductor industry for monitoring emissions wherever PTFE or FEP films are used. It also will handle higher temperatures than PTFE or...

  • Krinkle - Krinkle Bags / Sample Bags

    Krinkle - Krinkle Bags / Sample Bags

    This innovative change to sampling bag design allows for total evacuation of a sample bag. The Krinkle bags eliminate the need for extensive fitting configurations without concerns about dead air space created by special fittings. The Black Krinkle bags are light resistant. Since there is total evacuation of samples or flush gases, constant test results are insured providing repeatable analyses. The random pattern of the Krinkle bags allow for the use...

  • Metalized Sampling Bags

    Metalized Sampling Bags

    Fabricated from five layers of very distinct materials to achieve low permeability numbers. These bags are used when the sample must be kept in the bag for long periods of time. However, one must adjust for the inner layer of polyethylene which might affect the stored sample. These bags are tough, economical and provide light blocking capabilities. Inert 5 Multi-Layer Bags are ideal for containing low molecular weight gases. The 2 layers of aluminum...