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  • Biometra - Model Fastblot - Semi-Dry Blotting

    Biometra - Model Fastblot - Semi-Dry Blotting

    Electro-blotting is an important method to transfer proteins and nucleic acids from polyacrylamide gels to nitrocellulose or other carrier membranes. Semi-dry blotting allows fast, efficient and homogenous transfer. In contrast to tank blotting little transfer buffer is required and transfer times are dramatically reduced. Additionally, with semi-dry blotting discontinuous buffer systems can be used, e.g. one cathode buffer and two different anode...

  • Biometra - Model Tankblot - Apparatus and Blotting Modules

    Biometra - Model Tankblot - Apparatus and Blotting Modules

    For Gentle Blotting of Large and Temperature-Sensitive Proteins. Best suited for large proteins and native enzymes. During tank blotting proteins are transferred in a vertical buffer tank between electrodes arranged on the sidewalls onto membranes. Tank blotting is recommended particularly for blotting of large molecules (> 100 resp. 200 kDa, depending on the proteins characteristics) or of proteins which are difficult to transfer with other...

  • Biometra - Model Vacu-Blot - Blotting

    Biometra - Model Vacu-Blot - Blotting

    Fast Transfer: Transfer of nucleic acids to membranes during Southern or Northern analysis was traditionally done by capillary blotting, a time-consuming procedure that usually takes up to 12 hours. With vacuum blotting, transfer times can be reduced to 15 – 60 minutes, depending on the size of the DNA.