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  • LIMS - Laboratory-Information-Management-Systems

  • Version readyLIMS - Software

    Version readyLIMS - Software

    Each laboratory is a unique world with its own focus areas, routines and workflows. readyLIMS is able to cope with this individuality – and being an 'off-the-shelf'- solution, is still immediately ready for use. Users benefit also from its maximum flexibility, along with easy operation and reduced administration and maintenance effort.

  • ENMO hydro - Environmental Monitoring Software

    ENMO hydro - Environmental Monitoring Software

    ENMO hydro is a software system for the efficient control of automated water quality monitoring networks. The functionality of the 100 % web-based multi-tier-system comprises, among other things, the workflows for automated event sampling and quality control, management and control of the equipment at the measuring sites, numerous options for data evaluation, display and export, as well as reporting system. ENMOhydro also fulfills the requirements for...

  • LABbase - Laboratory Information Management System

    LABbase - Laboratory Information Management System

    LABbase is a laboratory information management system based on the tools blomesystem Designer and blomesystem Reportgenerator, able to be adjusted exactly in accordance with the special needs of each customer. It contains all the functionalities necessary for everyday work routines of a professional laboratory. We regularly compare the suggestions of our clients with the experiences of our support personnel, implementing them into the development of...

  • TProfessional Manager Software

    TProfessional Manager Software

    For Controlling TProfessional Thermocycler in a Powerful Network. The TProfessional Manager Software allows to control up to 5 thermocycler of the TProfessional family* in a powerful network. PCR runs can be managed and monitored and versatile memory management functions allow easy synchronisation of the connected TProfessional Thermocyclers. Detailed run log fi les provide GLP conform documentation of PCR runs.