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  • innuTaq - DNA Polymerase

    innuTaq - DNA Polymerase

    Analytik Jena‘s innuTaq DNA Polymerase is a highly purified recombinant thermostable DNA polymerase that has been isolated from E.coli carrying a vector encoding the Thermus aquaticus DNA polymerase gene. The enzyme has 5’ ? 3’ DNA polymerase activity. It exhibits high thermal stability in withstanding prolonged incubations at elevated temperatures (95 °C). It is recommended for use in routine PCR reactions.

  • innuTaq - HOT-A DNA Polymerase

    innuTaq - HOT-A DNA Polymerase

    innuTaq HOT-A DNA Polymerase provides improved specificity and sensitivity when amplifying low-copy-number targets in complex backgrounds or when prolonged room temperature set up is required. The polymerase activity is blocked at ambient temperature and switched on automatically at the onset of the initial denaturation.

  • innuDRY - Standard PCR MasterMix

    innuDRY - Standard PCR MasterMix

    Especially in daily routine tasks easy and secure procedures, which guarantee a high reproducibility of final results are very important. In addition stable reagents with a reliable performance are fundamental as well. Der innuDRY Standard PCR MasterMix combines all requirements. The lyophilized mix is long-term storage stable and can be dissolved by the included Resuspension Buffer at any time. After addition of template and specific primers the PCR...

  • innuMIX - Standard PCR MasterMix

    innuMIX - Standard PCR MasterMix

    The innuMIX Standard PCR MasterMix contains both an optimized buffer system, high quality dNTPs (dATP, dCTP, dGTP, dTTP) and an ideal amount of MgCl2. The ready-to-use mix also contains a Taq DNA polymerase that is ideally suited for routine PCR. As a result of the extremely simple and fast preparation of the PCR batch, using the innuMIX standard PCR MasterMix achieves a higher sample throughput with a conventional thermocycler without...

  • innuMIX - Green PCR MasterMix

    innuMIX - Green PCR MasterMix

    The innuMIX Green PCR MasterMix was developed to make routine PCR as time-efficient and simple as possible. A combination of all the necessary PCR chemicals of optimal concentration ensures that the innuMIX Green PCR MasterMix delivers fast, highly specific and ultrasensitive amplification of DNA fragments of up to 4 kb. Only the template and primers need to be added to the reaction, followed by enough water (suitable for PCR) to produce the final...

  • 50x inNucleotide Mix (12,5 mM - 2x 0,5 µmol)

    50x inNucleotide Mix (12,5 mM - 2x 0,5 µmol)

    Analytik Jena‘s ready-to-use nucleotide mix provides highest quality of desoxynucleotides. All dNTPs are ultra pure (> 98 %) and quality checked by a set of PCR, RT-PCR and Klenow reactions. It is supplied as a 50-fold concentrated mix of ultra pure dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP with 12.5 mM each. The total amount of dNTP in each tube is 25 µmol (6.25 µmol of each dNTP).