Anchor Environmental, L.L.C.

Anchor Environmental, L.L.C.

Our energetic and talented team of more than 300 scientists, planners, and engineers from offices across the United States works closely with clients toward common goals on water resources, surface and groundwater quality, coastal development, habitat restoration, and contaminated sediment management projects. We provide a full range of science and engineering services to the public and private sectors, including planning and strategy development, scientific investigation, engineering design, and construction management. We enjoy working on some of the most challenging sites in the nation, and our completed projects are among the most successful in the industry. Our clients recognize that the strength Anchor QEA brings to each and every project reflects our core values of technological leadership, integrity, superior product quality, and client satisfaction.

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9 Water Street, First Floor , Amesbury , MA 01913 USA

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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

Leadership: The desire to stay connected to projects and clients is what brought our company leaders together. Not content to 'sit back and manage paperwork' as they advance their careers, our company leaders prefer to work alongside clients every day. This model is a bit different than the typical consulting firm and allows us to provide superior service to our clients as well as excellent mentoring for our staff. As a result, we have created a company that is genuinely client-centric, where all employees are focused on supporting clients and building strong relationships.

Focus: One look at the location of our offices and it's easy to spot the trend: our company is focused on the waterfront. Oceans, gulfs, bays, rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands, are where you will find us working on planning, cleanup, development, and restoration projects. But our geographic focus is only part of the story. The real focus at Anchor QEA is to provide quality in everything we do, whether it is a technical report, engineering design, environmental review, or formal presentation. Our clients recognize this difference and know that a key strength we bring to any project is our dedication to superior product quality.

Culture: The enthusiasm for being creative and solving problems is a common thread among all of us at Anchor QEA. We are fortunate to work on fascinating projects in challenging settings, and we enjoy collaborating to provide the best strategies and solutions. We have the best and the brightest staff who understand the importance of integrity and service, and have the freedom to innovate. Our leadership team has demonstrated that it is possible to be creative (even brilliant!), work incredibly hard, and have a great time doing it.

Our top priority is maintaining a work environment that promotes safety and well-being of all our staff. We value a positive vibe, where employees contribute to a supportive and fun work environment. We value service to our clients and co-workers, and extend the effort to go the extra mile. Without producing the quality work we provide on projects, we wouldn’t have the respected reputation we have earned. We value taking initiative to develop professionally, make Anchor QEA better, and to achieve new positive outcomes. Finally, we take pride in our integrity by approaching our work and working relationships with ethical standards, including honesty, good judgment, recognition of others’ contributions, and respect of differences.


Taking responsibility for safety and preparedness in the office and field through personal initiative, communication, and teamwork

  • Using available resources to ensure the health and safety of one’s self and coworkers, whether in the office or in the field
  • Proactively and constructively creating and affirming awareness of the importance of health and safety
  • Supporting Anchor QEA’s Health and Safety Program


Cultivating a friendly, supportive, and fun work environment through open communication and teamwork within and external to Anchor QEA

  • Motivating others through sincere enthusiasm for the job and the company
  • Having a positive attitude, self-awareness, and healthy work/life balance
  • Valuing quality relationships with co-workers, clients, and others in the community
  • Displaying an appropriate balance between personal effort and team effort within and external to Anchor QEA
  • Actively extending the good Vibe into the community


Providing service to our clients and coworkers through technological leadership, job knowledge, and team work

  • Applying our expertise to address our clients’ needs through innovative problem solving & extensive technical knowledge in our specialty areas
  • Communicating job knowledge to the team & applying this knowledge to address coworkers’ needs
  • Listening to and understanding clients & coworkers to provide an outcome that is valuable to them
  • Focusing on meeting the requests & needs of others
  • Willing to extend the effort to go the extra mile


Demonstrating superior quality in all aspects of our work

  • Taking responsibility to ensure that tasks are done well
  • Producing products that are concise and well-organized, peer reviewed for accuracy, and edited for clarity and consistency
  • Possessing sufficient skill and knowledge to perform all parts of the job effectively and efficiently
  • Consistently integrating feedback into work product development


Contributing to a work environment that encourages and rewards creative solutions and provides opportunities for all employees

  • Providing opportunities for all employees to share in the company’s success, increase their level of responsibility, and grow professionally
  • Following through on created opportunities by being resourceful and actively applying your talents to go beyond what is expected or established
  • Thinking beyond immediate and obvious goals to achieve more creative, comprehensive, or useful solutions


Making choices about our work and relationships based on strong ethical standards and accountability

  • Acting to enhance the dignity and well-being of one’s self and of others
  • Approaching your work and working relationships with ethical standards, including honesty, good judgment, recognition of others’ contributions, and respect of differences
  • Doing your share and being responsible, accountable, and reliable to others