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ANDRITZ Gouda has been implementing complete process solutions for the environmental, chemical, and food industries for over 100 years. As a machine manufacturer as well as process solutions expert, ANDRITZ Gouda is able to handle all of stages involved in designing and building plants, including engineering, service, installation and commissioning. ANDRITZ Gouda, as part of the international ANDRITZ Group, has several pilot plants available to test new materials, generate design data, and provide representative product samples. The proven calculation model for scaling up to industrial size ensures successful application in full-scale processing.

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P.O. Box 375 , Waddinxveen , 2740 AJ Netherlands

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Water and Wastewater - Sludge Management
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Globally (various continents)
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more than $1,000,000,000 US


ANDRITZ Gouda designs, manufactures and sells drying, solidifying, peeling and thermal equipment for the food, chemical and environmental industries.

Both machine manufacturer and process solutions expert, ANDRITZ Gouda can contribute to all aspects of designing and building process facilities. Our capabilities include design, engineering, pilot plant tests, installation and commissioning assistance and after sales service, for a single process step upto complete processing lines.

ANDRITZ Gouda helps customers determine their needs and then collaborates to provide just the perfect amount of involvement, as is required to successfully complete any project. Every day, in every way, ANDRITZ Gouda employees are working with international customers to ensure that questions are answered and that all concerns are addressed.

ANDRITZ Gouda has gained the trust of corporations around the world. Strategic priority number one is never to betray their confidence.


Embracing innovation while also controlling costs, ANDRITZ Gouda sticks to its original mission: to maintain and supply the highest standard of industrial excellence.

ANDRITZ Gouda is dedicated to determining ways to continuously improve our organization, focusing always on quality, reliability and the safe delivery of services.

All activities, including customer support, are continuously analyzed and optimized. Each manufacturing process is refined as precisely as possible and only the highest standards are acceptable for the materials used to manufacture our machines.

We assist customers in complying with rules and requirements in the field of safety and ecology. Providing maintenance and upgrades is an essential part of our mission.

Legislation is the most effective safeguard of responsible conduct.


Optimized energy management and machine safety have always been of paramount importance to us, but now, more than ever, they are a top priority. With some of our latest developments on e.g. substantial energy savings and “zero” emission operation, ANDRITZ Gouda leads the field in responsible adaptations for our customers.

We realize that as our business grows, so do our responsibilities. We recognize that global challenges, such as climate change, concern us all. Considering the wider impact of our actions is embedded in our values and is a fundamental part of who we are as a global leader in machine design and production.

We work to create a better future every day.


Customers are demanding ever higher standards, they expect ever faster service, and they want made-to-measure advice from competent partners.

This is why ANDRITZ Gouda is investing permanently in the development and implementation of new technology, highly qualified staff and good technical support. The results of this policy can be seen in state-of-the-art products, an exceptional level of service and total dependability of supply.
These are three pillars of ANDRITZ Gouda’s company philosophy. A vision of continuity and long-term relations.

A link between man and technology.


ANDRITZ Gouda enjoys a rich entrepreneurial history tracing back to February 1909, when Mr. Hupkes started a small Machinefactory, producing equipment for cleaning milk cans. Soon after his start, Mr. Hupkes expanded his business and started manufacturing double drum dryers for milk drying around 1916. Soon after which single drum dryers were developed for high viscous products. As time passed, the drum flaker was developed, later followed by peeling equipment, the disc pastillator and the paddle dryer.

Today, ANDRITZ Gouda is part of the Austrian ANDRITZ Group. While ANDRITZ Gouda’s business and equipment will continue to evolve and adjust to a more demanding environment, our 100-year-young goal will remain unchanged:

Complete satisfaction to every customer with the highest performance index.