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  • ANDRITZ - Gouda Drum Flaker

    ANDRITZ - Gouda Drum Flaker

    The ANDRITZ Gouda drum flaker is used primarily for solidification of chemical and pharmaceutical products. However, more applications for these machines are also being found in the food industry. The closed design is ideally suited for processing of toxic or offensively smelling products. With the drum flaker, a molten product is converted into a solid form. A thin layer of the liquid adheres to the outside of the rotating, internally cooled drum in...

  • ANDRITZ - Gouda Mill Sifter

    ANDRITZ - Gouda Mill Sifter

    The bulk density and particle size distribution are important parameters. These parameters determine the look and feel of your product and the filling grade of your storage facilities or package. Packaging lines demand feed of product with constant bulk density. The ANDRITZ Gouda mill sifter gives you a product that meets with your requirements.