Angodos S.L.

Angodos S.L.

ANGODOS designs and manufactures butterfly valves for the most demanding operating conditions. Our locking system `metal rubber` stayed on the side of the valve body has allowed us over the years, developed a simple eccentric valves, double eccentric closure and total sealing fluid in both directions. It also allowed us to manufacture valves DN-2600, and manufacture butterfly valves up to DN PN-100-1000. Since our inception we have been and continue to work with the main objective of giving our customers solutions AIMg 4004, this has allowed us to develop a wide range of butterfly valves with different models of buildings and switching elements.

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C/San Juan n° 21/23 , Fuenlabrada , Madrid 28946 Spain
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Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
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ANGODOS has established a quality system in manufacturing butterfly valves, which has been approved in accordance with the standard of quality management systems ISO 9001:2008, also meets the requirements of Annex III to Directive module H Equipment pressure 97/23/EC of the European Economic Community. ANGODOS butterfly valves are installed in all types of industries, vehiculizando all types of fluids fluids from water to most aggressive chemicals at different pressures and temperatures.

We are a leading company that designs, manufactures and butterfly valves:

  • Air-conditioning.
  • Fire Facilities.
  • Plants seawater desalination.
  • Outline of transport and distribution of water.
  • AG1 wafer butterfly valves from DN-40 to DN-600 PN-10/16/25/40.
  • Butterfly Valves AG1 flanges from DN-200 to DN-2600 PN-6/10/16/25/40/64/100
  • AG1 Lug butterfly valves from DN-80 to DN-200 PN-16/25/40.
  • Butterfly Valves AG1 solid (solid body) from DN-100 to DN-600 PN-40/64/100.
  • AG3 wafer butterfly valves from DN-40 to DN-300 PN-10/16.
  • Butterfly Valves AG1-BC flanges from DN-200 to DN-2000 PN-10/16/25.
  • Butterfly Valves overspeed shutdown from DN-500 to DN-2600 PN-10/16/25/40.
  • Disc valves with hydraulic damper AG1-R from DN-250 to DN-1500 PN-10/16/25/40.
  • Special valves with spool AG1-CT-built from DN 700 to DN-2000 in PN-10/16/25.

Mission: Meet the needs of our customers, offering them solutions, reducing costs and increasing efficiency and safety.

Vision.: To become the benchmark of our customers and prescribers in deciding on regulatory elements and sealing fluid, adding value both day to day and on special occasions.

Commitment: Angodos first value is the fulfillment of all the requirements specified by our clients in contracts, either in quality, service and delivery. To which every member of the company look at that same point.

Return: All our products are designed and manufactured with criteria of efficiency and productivity, trying to improve market supply. We manufacture all our products to have a long life and minimal maintenance. These factors result in greater profitability for our customers.
Solutions: Our products are the answer to our clients' specific needs. We have a wide range of products and services. We are in a continuous search for new products to satisfy customers. We provide our clients our extensive experience in the sector.

Quality and continuous improvement: We are demanding in the quality standard of our products and services. We learn from our mistakes and apply it as continuous improvement. Our products and services comply with the regulations and legislation.

Innovation: Angodos introduces innovative technologies and manufacturing management, to achieve greater efficiency and quality of our products and services. We invest in R & D to improve our products and services.

Security: With the quality of our products and services we can affirm that our customers feel safe when using our valves in their facilities. Manufacture valves for the most demanding working conditions, with the highest security.

Training: To all our clients we offer specialized training for a proper installation, maintenance and repair of our valves. This training can be done in our workshops or installation.

Commissioning and Control: The monitoring during assembly and testing of our valves on site by our technicians, control results and the management of incidents and corrective or preventive actions rise from them, is part of our comprehensive service.

Technical Support: Our technical department offers a permanent and specialized. Provide assistance in the workplace. Our staff is constantly training to ensure the best service.

Warranties: Angodos guarantee their valves for one year from their expedition against defects in manufacture. Exempted damage caused by misuse or superior work in conditions for which they are designed.