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  • Oxidizer Aftermarket Services

    Anguil has over three decades of experience servicing thousands of thermal and catalytic oxidizers of all makes and models! We provide maintenance, repairs, spare parts and retrofits that help ensure oxidizer uptime. And not only on the systems we sold, but also on the ones we did not originally supply. On an average year, we service oxidizers that were manufactured by eighteen different companies.

  • Preventive Maintenance and Oxidizer Evaluations Services

    Preventive Maintenance and Oxidizer Evaluations Services

    Did you know that some air permits require oxidizer operators to have scheduled maintenance programs for their systems in order to remain in compliance with regulations? The Anguil PME is a thorough audit of a system's operation, covering multiple days and an extensive checklist. Upon completion, customers receive a detailed report with recommendations for improving performance, reliability, and safety.

  • Oxidizer Retrofits and Upgrades Services

    Oxidizer Retrofits and Upgrades Services

    Abatement system selection and the final design are based on emission constituents, concentrations and airflow.  Rarely will these process conditions remain unchanged for the life of an oxidizer, possibly resulting in shutdowns, a decrease of DRE (Destruction Removal Efficiency), and increase in energy consumption.

  • General Oxidizer Service & Maintenance

    General Oxidizer Service & Maintenance

    Anguil has more than three decades of experience supplying the full range of oxidizer technologies and servicing thousands of oxidizers of all makes and models. In today's volatile market there are not many competitors that can make that claim. Indeed, quite a few of our service customers own oxidizers from manufacturers that just are not around anymore. Whether that is the case for you or not, establishing Anguil as a viable service provider can only...

  • Spare and Replacement Parts for Oxidizers

    Spare and Replacement Parts for Oxidizers

    Having the necessary spare parts readily available is a prerequisite for minimizing the cost and inconvenience of system shutdowns. At Anguil, we have put a lot of effort into developing replacement part plans to support oxidizers built by us as well as other manufacturers. We take inventory of your oxidizer needs and recommend what spare parts would be critical, what parts are recommended, and which ones should be ordered as needed. We will work with...