Anhui Yuanchen Environmental Protection Science & Technology Co.,LTD

Anhui Yuanchen Environmental Protection Science & Technology Co.,LTD

Anhui Yuan Chen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, the enterprise registered capital of 80 million yuan, the total number of employees 252 people. Over the past two decades, through continuous development and innovation, has become the industrial and indoor air pollution control industry leader. One of the main areas of industrial atmospheric control dust filter material, SCR denitrification catalyst and other products, with the Anhui Provincial Environmental Protection Department issued a waste catalyst dangerous business license, becoming the first across the denitrification catalyst production and regeneration of the leader. Is to apply for the national housing construction project Yiji general contract qualification, and actively carry out third-party governance projects (including BOT, PPP) services.

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Xinzhan High-Tech Industrial Development Zone,Hefei , Anhui , China
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Business Type:
Custom manufacturer
Industry Type:
Environmental Science and Research
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$100,000,000 US - $1,000,000,000 US

Yuan Chen Technology currently has so far the most advanced German imports of filter production line 2, with an annual output of industrial dust filter material 5 million square meters, the scale of production in the industry ranked second, the CLP Investment Group, Guodian Group, Datang Group, Conch Group, China Building Materials Group and other large enterprise groups long-term suppliers, dust filter products are exported to the United States, South Korea, Brazil, Vietnam and other overseas markets. Independent research and development of ultra-clean emissions of asymmetric gradient filter to fill the gaps in the industry, the forefront of the industry has been successfully applied to CLP Ping Ping Wei power plant million units project, Yuzhong energy new power plant million unit project, Datang Group Sanmenxia power plant hundred Million units of the project, the stability of the power plant flue gas dust clean emissions (≤ 10mg / N.m³).

Yuan Chen Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanxi Coal Chemical Industry Institute, Xi'an Thermal Engineering Institute in depth to carry out SCR denitrification catalyst technology cooperation, the introduction of the Japanese catalyst into a denitrification catalyst production line 1, with an annual output of honeycomb denitrification catalyst 10000m ³, plate denitrification catalyst 3000m ³. As a rising star in the denitration catalyst industry, Yuan Chen technology is at the forefront of the denitration catalyst market. The low temperature SCR denitration catalyst, the denitration catalyst of the glass furnace kiln and the denitration catalyst of the cement kiln have been industrialized and developed into Datang Group. Group, Anhui Energy Group's strategic partner; Yuan Chen Technology began in 2013 waste denitrification catalyst regeneration technology research, won the Anhui Provincial Environmental Protection Department issued a waste flue gas denitrification catalyst hazardous waste business license, marking the yuan Chen technology to become domestic denitrification Catalyst production and regeneration across the field with the first independent intellectual property rights, and has the national environmental protection department authorized the waste management qualification of environmental protection enterprises. In the future, Yuan Chen technology to provide customers with quality products at the same time, customers will also be a one-time solution to waste denitrification catalyst regeneration problems.

Yuan Chen technology to build industrial filter and denitrification catalyst product testing experimental platform, the purchase of Germany AFC-133 filter dynamic test device, Germany PSM-165 filter pore size tester, the Netherlands Feina scanning electron microscope, Japan Shimadzu catalyst activity evaluation device , Electronic single fiber strength machine, specific surface area measuring instrument and other research and development equipment 30 sets. 'Technology for the first, research and development-oriented' annual R & D investment accounted for more than 5% of sales revenue, new products, new technology output more than 50% per year increase. Among them, Yuan Chen Technology has authorized 38 patents, including 10 invention patents; high-tech products 4, 9 provincial-level new products. In addition, Yuan Chen technology focus on R & D team level, team members are master's degree or above, and external Mao Zhiwei, Zhang Xianlong and other industry experts to guide enterprise technology research and development.

'Brand to lay the status of the industry', in 2015, Yuan Chen Technology won the well-known trademarks in Anhui Province, Anhui Province Quality Award, Anhui Province Science and Technology Award, Hefei, well-known trademarks and other honors, commitment to the Ministry of Industry and Industry revitalization and upgrading project, the Ministry of Industry and SME technological transformation Project, the NDRC resource conservation and environmental protection project in the central budget, the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund for SMEs, Anhui Province, enterprise development special funds, Anhui Province science and technology research projects, Anhui Province, environmental protection special funds and other provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects; Engineering technology research center, Anhui province science and technology research project, Hefei industrial fixed assets 'borrowed by' project. 'Forge ahead, never-ending', honor highlight the brand value, reinforce the industry leading position!

'Science and Technology Development', Yuan Chen Technology with Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Munich, Hamburg University, Tsinghua University, China University of Science and Technology, Hefei University of Technology, Anhui University of Architecture, Jiangnan University, Hefei Cement Design and Research Institute, Engineering institutes and other domestic and foreign universities and scientific research institutes to carry out research cooperation, in the provincial enterprise technology center on the basis of the establishment of the filter and catalyst research and development center. Dust and denitrification integrated filter, dust and mercury integrated filter and other 'collaborative governance' series of products, ultra-clean emissions of high efficiency filter and low temperature denitrification catalyst and other products to fill the gaps, the scale of industrialization in the forefront of the industry. 'Continuous investment, strengthen cooperation', the wisdom into the enterprise development momentum.

'Far-sighted, leading innovation', Yuan Chen technology focus on the future, have started the nuclear waste safe and sound treatment, carbon storage, carbon fiber industry and recycling projects such as research. Early to carry out market research, reserve technology and talent, with foreign Harvard University, Cambridge University signed a technical cooperation memorandum, experts regularly invited to the enterprise for technical exchanges. Actively strive for the establishment of academicians research station, with sustained financial and intellectual investment, leading the industry technological revolution. Yuan Chen Technology will also build a scientific and technological achievements incubator base, the establishment of Yuan Chen Environmental Technology Research Institute, the development of green low-carbon new products, to build China's environmental protection industry flagship brand.

'Enthusiastic public welfare, Yuan Chen play', Yuan Chen as a responsible key technology, not only determined to clear sky, but also actively participate in social welfare activities. Converge Yuan Chen team bit by bit enthusiastic, to create a more harmonious and beautiful society! Yuan Chen, chairman of science and technology comrades comrades, more than a decade has been confronted with assistance to Jiayuguan poor 12 poor students, Wenchuan earthquake personal contributions 100,000 yuan. At the same time proposed the company set up a 'Yuan Chen student fund' to help families in the difficulties of students and students, has accumulated over 50 million donations. Yuan Chen Technology plans to invest 2 million yuan as the 'Yuan Chen Environmental Protection Foundation' start-up capital, the establishment of 'Yuan Chen Environmental Technology Advanced Award', called on the community more enterprises and individuals, joined the charity business in Yuan Chen.

'Accumulate, disdain for the world,' At present, Yuan Chen technology for the world's largest thermal power units to provide clean emissions synergistic solutions, a typical project in the CLP Group Pingwei power plant million units, Yuzhong new energy plant million units. Accurately grasp the pulse of the market, Yuan Chen technology with the existing majority of customers in-depth cooperation, and constantly open up overseas international markets. Whether it is ultra clean emissions efficient filter and low temperature denitration catalyst production projects, or waste denitrification catalyst recovery and recycling projects, has seized the market opportunities. At the same time, Yuan Chen Technology successfully completed the D round of fund-raising, the main shareholders are Xu Hui, Shanghai Cheng Yi Group, Shenzhen Tongchuang Albert CHAN Group, Everbright Holding Group, Anhui High-tech Investment Group, Anhui Province, one fund. In 2017 the company is reporting IPO material, listed successfully will make full use of capital leverage, the rapid development of enterprise scale, and strive to become a century-old domestic and foreign national brand enterprises!

Yuen Chen technology uphold the 'collaborative governance, green economy' business philosophy, science and technology return to nature, warmly welcome domestic and foreign high-end talent to join the team of Yuan Chen, together with well-known domestic and foreign investment companies, science and technology service agencies, universities and scientific research units for human Create a cleaner and healthier living environment!