Anjuman Samaji Behbood (ASB)

Anjuman Samaji Behbood (ASB)

Anjuman Samaji Behbood (ASB) is a community `-based organization in Pakistan that specializes in water supply and sanitation. Numerous low-income communities, which are home to blue-collar labor, lacked proper water supply and sanitation in Faisalabad. Local community leaders lobbied the politicians for years for improved municipal services. In return, they only received empty promises. Meanwhile, the size and density of communities has increased. The lack of sanitation resulted in streets filled with sewage and other waste. These unhygienic conditions were more than just an eyesore. Poor sanitary conditions resulted in higher incidence of disease. Women and children suffered the most because they spent the most time in the unhygienic environment. The community relied on donkey carts to supply water to the households.

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40-A, Main Bazar Dhuddiwala , Faisalabad , Punjab 38060 Pakistan

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Service provider
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Water and Wastewater
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Locally (one state or province)
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