Anmeksan Treatment Inc.

Anmeksan Treatment Inc.

Anmeksan Treatment Plant and Inc operates in package wastewater treatment, biological and chemical wastewater treatment systems, mechanical equipment manufacturing, slaughterhouse and milk treatment plants, consultancy, European Union treatment plants, technical service services and capacity increases.

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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Anmeksan Construction Machinery Industry and Trade Inc.; Was established in 2018 in line with its sectoral targets with all its accumulation, experience and own resources.

Anmeksan Treatment Inc ; Package management, domestic and biological wastewater treatment, equipment production, periodic control and technical service services, wastewater treatment plant maintenance, repair, capacity increase, wastewater treatment plant operations, preparation of project approval files, construction and contracting with expert management, engineers and technical personnel. services in many local and international regions. 

Our founding members, who have been involved in the wastewater treatment sector since 2004, are applying all their experiences in many domestic and international projects with their engineers and technical staff by providing all the experience and solutions in difficult wastewater treatment processes.

Anmeksan Treatment Inc; With its technical service department and engineer staff, it offers package treatment, waste water treatment plants, mechanical equipment repairs, consultancy and consultancy services, construction and contracting services of waste water treatment facilities and waste water treatment facilities project approval services within the scope of 2018/14 circular.

Anmeksan Treatment Inc; Domestic and foreign sectoral waste water treatment, garden irrigation systems, treatment constructions have been completed. Our company, which accelerates its overseas projects and applications, also makes waste water treatment plants in the Agricultural Development Support Institution (TKDK) and IPARD projects in Turkey.

Our company, which continuously increases its customer and product network with its offices and representative offices abroad, makes sales and applications of domestic production mechanical equipments and package treatment systems.

Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Our main service areas are; slaughterhouse wastewater treatment plants, milk production and integrated facilities, heavy metal removal systems, fruit processing wastewater treatment plants, sesame and halva production treatment plants, textile, denim and dye wastewater treatment plants project, design, treatment equipment production, application, treatment plant commissioning receiving, periodic control and operation services.

  • Slaughterhouse and Meat Integrated Plants
  • Milk Production and Processing Plants
  • Heavy Metal Production Plants
  • Recycling and Disposal Plants
  • Oil Industry and Filling Plants
  • Textile Industry Plants (Paint, Denim…)
  • Fruit Processing and Production Plants
  • Mining Industry and Processing Plants
  • Chemical Industry
  • Paint and Raw Material Production Facilities

Package Wastewater Treatment Systems

Anmeksan Treatment Inc; It produces 4mm ST37 carbon steel as standard in package treatment systems. Steel plates coming to the workshop area are cut to the dimensions and taken to the twisting machine and sandblasting process is applied in the sandblasting unit. Steel plates coming out of the sandblasting are provided with trapezoidal twist and volume and pressure resistance are provided. JOTUN epoxy double layer primer and JOTUN epoxy paint is applied in the desired micron range, after the paint is applied with GRACO paint machine, mechanical equipment, motors and pumps, automation board, ventilation system and line, disinfecting devices are connected and dry tests are completed and ready for shipment. is being introduced.