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  • Anaerobic Treatment

    Anaerobic Treatment

    Biogas is produced through anaerobic degradation of organic material and constitutes a renewable and CO2-neutral energy source. Substrates for biogas production can be sewage sludge, manure, waste and wastewater from households and industry as well as agricultural waste and crops.

  • Research & Development

  • Bench Scale Tests For Full-Scale Wastewater Treatment

    Bench Scale Tests For Full-Scale Wastewater Treatment

    Full-scale wastewater treatment processes can be simulated in the laboratory in bench scale bioreactors. Our laboratory testing facilitates the optimization of the process design as well as testing treatment feasibility or troubleshooting various aspects of the biological process.

  • Pilot Tests For Wastewater Treatment

    Pilot Tests For Wastewater Treatment

    Pilot tests become especially important to the performance of the final design when sludge separation is critical or when the wastewater composition fluctuates.

  • Microscopy For Biological Wastewater Treatment

    Microscopy For Biological Wastewater Treatment

    Visualization: The microscope is an amazing tool that, with light, lenses and some filters, gives us a peak into the microscopic world. It is possible to identify bacteria, thanks to this instrument, and this gives us an opportunity to diagnose troubling processes.

  • Accredited Lab

  • Inhibition Tests

    Inhibition Tests

    Acute effects: An inhibition assay evaluates the effect of different concentrations of a contaminant or a complex wastewater on the bacteria that are responsible for the wastewater treatment.

  • Biodegradation Tests

    Biodegradation Tests

    The degradability of a compound or a wastewater can in our laboratory be decided with several different standardized and accredited methods.

  • Analyses For Advanced Wastewater Treatment

    Analyses For Advanced Wastewater Treatment

    A necessity for advanced wastewater treatment. Whether you are monitoring laboratory tests, pilot tests or a full-scale plant, there is a need for chemical analyses. With these methods it is possible to monitor the results of the ongoing biological processes in your municipal wastewater treatment plant or industrial wastewater treatment plant.

  • Start Up & Commissioning

    Start Up & Commissioning

    In a MBBR delivery package, commissioning and start-up assistance could be included. These stages take place after installation of aerators and effluent screens are finished. Our experienced personnel can provide guidance and assist in aeration pipe installation in order to provide optimal mixing of carriers and oxygen. A MBBR reactor is normally equipped with oxygen, temperature, level and pH sensors. During the commissioning, the instruments are...