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  • Water Storage Tank

  • Stainless Steel Drinking Water Storage Tank

    Stainless Steel Drinking Water Storage Tank

    Plastic , galvanized and concrete water tank enjoy wide application in the storage of water for drinking purpose. However, the water stored in those tanks is a not hygienic enough to drink, for the main material of those tanks is porous, which may give the chance for fungus and bacteria to grow. Thus, the safety of the drinking water can not be assured. Stainless drinking water storage tank, made from stainless steel with chromium, is popularly...

  • Carbon Steel Drinking Water Storage Tank

    Carbon Steel Drinking Water Storage Tank

    In order to prevent corrosion and ensure a long-lasting working system, Anson carbon drinking water storage tank design a variety of coating systems to form a barrier for both the interior and exterior surfaces of the tank. The common anti-corrosion coating methods are urethane polymer membrane coatings and Baked-on epoxy powder coatings. Non-toxic bituminous clay compositions that permanently adhere to galvanized steel is also an effective coating...

  • Fire Water Storage Tank

    Fire Water Storage Tank

    Fire water tank is in high demands as result of the increased lows and regulations for fire protection requirements. In a emergency firefighting situations, fire water tank will make a value contribution especially when the water demand of fire protection exceeds the supply available capacity of the areas domestic water feed line, and this is especially true for suburban and rural areas that rely on water from wells with limited water supply...