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  • Robotic Package Delivery with ANYmal

    Robotic Package Delivery with ANYmal

    ANYbotics partnered with Continental to demonstrate robotic last-meter package delivery by combining a self-driving vehicle with the legged robot ANYmal. The yearly Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV, is the world’s largest ...

  • ANYbotics Update December 2018

    ANYbotics Update December 2018

    2018 was an exciting year for ANYbotics. With a striving team of soon 30 people, we delivered numerous ANYmal robots and ANYdrive actuators to our customers and managed to deploy robotic inspection into new applications. We would like to thank ...

  • World’s First Autonomous Offshore Robot

    World’s First Autonomous Offshore Robot

    In September 2018, the ANYbotics field team boarded a helicopter to fly out to one of the world’s largest offshore converter platforms in the North Sea. Equipped with a customized sensorhead, our four-legged robotic platform ANYmal ...

  • How ANYmal got into The X-Files

    How ANYmal got into The X-Files

    With the fingers on the joystick, we were ready, and (probably) more nervous than the star of the day itself. “Action!” The robot ANYmal runs down a dark hallway, chasing agents Scully and Mulder in a nerve-racking pursuit. This scene is ...

  • ANYbotics Update August 2017

    ANYbotics Update August 2017

    First ANYmal Customer Delivery In our mission to let robots go anywhere, we have developed ANYmal, one of the most advanced mobile robot. ANYmal features powerful motion and navigation capabilities in a rugged, water-proof design – ...