AP2E is a designer and a manufacturer of industrial gas analyzers. We produce instruments for online gas analysis. AP2E solutions are divided in 2 product ranges: LaserCEM and ProCeas. Example of gas applications: ProCeas H2S, NH3, H2O, HCL, SOx, NOx, biogas, etc. Industrial sectors concerned: process optimization, environment, work safety, industrial safety, quality control. AP2E operates in the following contexts: regulatory constraints, process monitoring (chemical, combustion, manufacturing, etc.), room monitoring (formaldehyde, CO), emission monitoring, deNOx catalytic reduction, gas purity (H2, methane), trace gases. AP2E is a global player in gas analysis solutions with more than 400 multigas analyzers installed worldwide.

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240, rue Louis de Broglie, Les Méridiens Bâtiment A, CS90537 , Aix-en-Provence , F-13593 France
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Environmental Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:

As VIVERIS Management, a French venture capital fund invests in AP2E in June 2008, the company speeds up its products development cycles and manufacturing infrastructure implementation.

Since 2008, AP2E nurtured a strong product development collaborative effort with the LSP (Laboratory of Physical Spectrometry) of the UJF (Joseph Fourier University) in Grenoble. France. This close collaboration yields a revolutionary new class of gas analyzers.

These new on-line and in-line gas analyzers, based on the latest evolution of laser IR spectrometry (OF-CEAS technology), enable AP2E in proposing fit-for-purpose, dedicated multi gas and trace gas analysis process and environmental solutions in areas including, but not limited to: natural gas analysis, biogas (bio-methanization process), combustion yield efficiency, and CEMs. a market for which the LaserCEM configuration of the ProCeas constitutes the first multi-gas (up to 11 gases measured) laser IR stack emissions analyzer.

AP2E received several awards in 2010 both in France and in the USA for the ProCeas product line (OF-CEAS - UJF technology):

  • Industrial Analysis Award granted by MESURES (French Industrial Analysis Professional Magazine)
  • R&D 100 Award granted by R&D Magazine (USA) in recognition of the top 100 most significant technological innovations in the world in 2010 (R&D Magazine claims a readership of 80,000 in 60 countries).
  • 2nd Best paper for technological and scientific innovation at the 2010 annual conference of the AD-lSA (Analysis Division ? Instrumentation Systems and Automation society) in New Orleans. LA (USA). This paper was invited for an encore at the annual general conference of the ISA (all divisions included) on October 4th, 2010 in Houston, TX (USA).


Marketed the first multi-gas and multi-laser measuring equipment for the biogas market. USA: “R&D 100″ Award, which recognizes the 100 innovative global technologies of the year. France: AP2E received the industrial analysis award in “Mesure“ magazine technology ranking.
Awarded supply bid of the equipment for monitoring the air quality in submarines for the DCNS company.


Marketed the first continuous measuring device of H2S traces with unmatched precision to this day of 50 ppb, in the natural gas markets, Syngas, and Biogas in the US. Contract for the supply of ProCeas® analysers in the US for the real-time control of gas emissions of the engines test benches in the automotive industry. A comparative study of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) presented the ProCeas as the best existing industrial technology to measure greenhouse gases generated by combustion engines.