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  • Land

  • Assessment & Investigation

    Assessment & Investigation

    Apex combines scientific knowledge, business expertise, and widespread experience with federal, state, and local regulations to provide the timely and accurate results our clients need to make well-informed business decisions.  Banks, building managers, property owners, and potential buyers and sellers rely on Apex to deliver quality data at reasonable costs, helping them quantify their environmental risks.

  • Brownfields


    Cleaning up and reinvesting in brownfields takes development pressure off undeveloped open land and improves and protects the environment. Apex works with industrial and commercial clients as well as communities and planning agencies on a variety of brownfields projects.  Not only does Apex offer risk assessment and remediation services, our extensive knowledge of brownfields laws and EPA brownfield grants helps our clients develop sound funding...

  • Environmental Impact

    Environmental Impact

    Apex’s team of wetlands, endangered species, and ecological experts do more than just assess, research, and report. We help our clients navigate the complex issues presented by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and other statutes. Apex delivers credible solutions and mitigation options based on sound technical arguments resulting in substantial cost savings.

  • Erosion and Sediment Control

    Erosion and Sediment Control

    Property owners, contractors, developers, and engineers regularly face erosion and sediment control challenges, whether to address existing erosion issues, improve groundwater flow to increase property values, or implement erosion and sediment control measures for new developments that stand the test of time. With more than 20 years of erosion and sediment control experience throughout the U.S., Apex designs and builds durable solutions for our...

  • Landfills


    Effective solid waste programs are essential for peak operation of industrial and waste facilities.  Increasingly complex regulations make managing solid waste more and more challenging.  We help our clients build and maintain successful, compliant, and cost-effective solid waste programs.  Our scientific, engineering, and field experts support design, permitting, installation, operation, closure and decommissioning of landfills for a...

  • Oil, Gas & Chemical

    Oil, Gas & Chemical

    Apex’s extensive experience with pipelines includes more than 15 different gas and liquid pipeline utilities. Covering thousands of miles of petroleum and chemical pipelines for clients across the nation, our project teams consist of scientific, engineering, and field experts that understand the unique needs of our pipeline clients. Our pipeline experience extends beyond research, studies, and documentation—whether for planning, natural...

  • Remediation


    The expansion of state and federal regulations governing contaminated sites continues. Apex built a reputation for helping our clients meet these regulations while restoring the value of their properties. We combine this first-hand experience with professional resources and the latest technology to offer practical and cost-effective remediation solutions to a wide variety of clients including real estate investors, developers, and industrial companies...

  • Underground Storage Tanks

    Underground Storage Tanks

    Petroleum and chemicals are most commonly stored underground in tanks. Unfortunately, a major source of environmental liability contamination stems from leaking underground storage tanks (USTs). Releases from tanks affect soil and groundwater and severely impact the value of real property assets. Apex leads the industry as a provider of turnkey UST services. Whether for property transfers or construction projects, transportation and facility...

  • Vapor Intrusion

    Vapor Intrusion

    Our expertise with vapor intrusion extends far beyond risk evaluation and mitigation. With our extensive experience, knowledge of rapidly evolving regulations, focus on innovation and a deep understanding of client objectives, Apex develops and implements vapor intrusion mitigation plans and systems that increase property value while decreasing risk. Apex provides vapor intrusion services on a national basis to commercial retail clients, commercial...