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  • Dewatering

  • GeoPro - Desludging Tubes and Bags

    GeoPro - Desludging Tubes and Bags

    These high strength, porous tubes are used to dewater the sediment pumped by the GeoPro Microdredge, Mudcat 40E or the Dragflow pump. This economical low energy sludge drying system can be used...

  • Geoprobe - Polydose Units

    Geoprobe - Polydose Units

    Our range of GeoPro Polydose units will make down and deliver a precise measure of high viscosity emulsion polymer directly into your dredge spoil or process water flow. Dilution water meets with the neat polymer just before entering the inline mixing system that is designed to produce an evenly homogenised polymer blend that will aid with solids/liquid separation and dewatering. GeoPro Polydose units are designed to be user friendly and easily...