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  • Change-Out Programs Services

    Change-Out Programs Services

    ARCA provides unrivaled turnkey services for purchasing and installing new appliances and removing and recycling the displaced units, preventing them from entering the used-appliance market. ARCA has extensive experience in conducting appliance change-out programs that target multi-family housing, low-income families and housing authorities as participants for utility companies across the United States. ARCA’s current change-out programs include...

  • Data Management Services

    Data Management Services

    ARCA has been the industry leader in providing clients with innovative systems to track, monitor and evaluate their appliance recycling programs. ARCA's advanced system delivers real-time, secure dashboard data to the program manager’s browser any time, day or night. ARCA prides itself on staying in the forefront of innovative, technological advances that keep its services one step ahead of the rest. In 2007, ARCA rolled out its enhanced...

  • Incentive Fulfillment Services

    Incentive Fulfillment Services

    Incentives are a convenient and cost-effective method to increase levels of participation in utility-sponsored programs by rewarding customers for turning in qualifying appliances. Over the past 20 years, ARCA has managed more than 1,000,000 incentives for customers participating in residential appliance recycling programs. Through this experience, ARCA has established systems and subcontractor relationships to make incentive fulfillment services...