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  • Specialized OMA Solutions

  • Model OMA-300 - Clean-in-Place Analyzer

    Model OMA-300 - Clean-in-Place Analyzer

    The OMA continuously monitors contaminant concentration during the clean-in-place process to provide real-time validation, saving your site from downtime, swab tests, and resource waste.

  • Model OMA-300 - Color Analyzer

    Model OMA-300 - Color Analyzer

    In cases where stream color can serve as an indicator of product health, trust diode array detection. Exploiting the broad spectrum, this system automatically shifts wavelength range to accommodate absorbance changes in the stream; this explains how the OMA-300-CLR never loses accuracy, even in a process that ranges drastically from transparent to near-opaque.

  • Model OMA-300 - Chlorine Analyzer

    Model OMA-300 - Chlorine Analyzer

    The OMA-300-CL2 showcases the seamless dynamic range of the OMA Series from low ppm up to high % concentrations of chlorine and chlorine-based compounds. This is achieved by the nova-II spectrophotometer, which makes automatic, real-time wavelength shifts to optimize the light signal in step with volatile concentrations.