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  • ACT - Rotary Drum

    ACT - Rotary Drum

    Whether your process requires drying, mixing, granulating, coating, heating, or cooling; rotary drum systems fabricated at Applied Chemical Technology (ACT) since 1981 offer efficient, economical solutions for your process production needs. Our combination of superior technology and economical pricing sets ACT rotary drums far above the competition. This is not surprising as many of today's most innovative rotary drum processes were developed by ACT's...

  • Fluid Bed Systems

  • ACT - Model 100XP - Fluid Bed

    ACT - Model 100XP - Fluid Bed

    The 100 XP unit is a multipurpose fluid bed for small scale coating, granulating, and drying applications. It is ideal for process development and for collecting scale-up data for commercial processes. The optional hot oil heater can provide a maximum operating temperature of 200°C. With the 100 XP Explosion Proof Fluid Bed, Applied Chemical Technology (ACT) continues to provide new and improved fluid bed technology to industry. The 100XP...

  • ACT - Model PG-100 - Bench/Pilot Scale Fluid Bed System

    ACT - Model PG-100 - Bench/Pilot Scale Fluid Bed System

    The PG-100 is the newest addition to ACT's outstanding fluid bed product line. Designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, the PG-100 is capable of granulation, coating, and drying particulates in the same unit. The system is easily disassembled for cleaning and sterilization to conform with cGMP standards.

  • ACT - Model 300XP - Multifunction Filter/Fluid Bed Dryer System

    ACT - Model 300XP - Multifunction Filter/Fluid Bed Dryer System

    The 300XP model fluid bed is more than just a conventional fluid bed dryer. As an added feature, the 300XP model uses a filtration step to recover a solvent from a slurry. In the filtration step, a pressure difference is set up. It is the difference in pressure that forces the liquid solvent through a screen or cloth. The large solid particles are trapped by the screen or cloth and build up as a cake. Once the solvent is physically removed from the...

  • Continuous Fluid-Beds

    Continuous Fluid-Beds

    Applied Chemical Technology, Inc. Continuous Fluid-Beds offer non-stop production capabilities for almost unlimited process application. Our versatile range of fluid-bed sizes can meet any need, from research and development operations to full-scale production plants. Bring the unique advantages of ACT fluid-bed technology to your process with a Continuous Fluid-Bed from Applied Chemical Technology.

  • Windstorm - Fluid Bed Systems

    Windstorm - Fluid Bed Systems

    The Windstorm™ Fluid Bed System is the versatile, low cost solution for batch processing and production. Windstorm™ is a complete process system, with a blower, ductwork, heating/cooling system, integral dust collector, explosion protection and more. Its recirculating design allows inert gas or air operation, and the compact layout is ideally suited for sites with limited space. Windstorm ™ Fluid bed Systems also feature ACT's...