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Applied Ecological Services, Inc. (AES) Services

  • Applied Ecological Services (AES) Services

    Applied Ecological Services (AES) Services

    Applied Ecological Services (AES) of Brodhead, WI and Ayres Associates of Eau Claire, WI, have jointly announced the addition of new services for aerial imaging and remote sensing available through the purchase and co-ownership of a Leica RCD30 aerial camera. The medium format digital system will provide color and near-infrared (NIR) imagery to support a wide variety of projects, from engineering grade mapping to environmental assessments.

  • Stormwater Management Services

    Stormwater Management Services

    We recently spoke on this topic at a conference called “It Rains Everywhere, and It Drains Somewhere”…which is exactly the point. Through urbanization and agricultural drainage, we have very measurably altered the way our presettlement landscapes “managed” stormwater. Agricultural drainage with tile and ditches contribute immense amounts of sedimented water to our river systems. In urban areas, engineered systems...

  • AES - GIS Services

    AES - GIS Services

    Applied Ecological Services is a full-service, ecological consulting, contracting and restoration firm with special expertise in environmental planning, design, and restoration. Established in 1978, AES provides science-based leadership in the resolutions of environmental problems and in the preservation of natural systems, emphasizing design strategies to improve ecological systems or at least eliminate or minimize, adverse ecological impacts.

  • Landfill & Quarry Services

    Landfill & Quarry Services

    Like aspirin, AES can cure many of the headaches that plague landfill and quarry owners and managers. Yes, we close and reclaim these, but we also provide a host of services for landfills and quarries during and even before their active life. AES is famous for obtaining - in a non-divisive way - neighbor, regulatory, and elective official support of continued operations and expansions of facilities.

  • Natural Resource Planning Services

    Natural Resource Planning Services

    In urbanizing areas as well as in wilderness tracts, planning for healthy natural resources is essential – if you wish to have healthy natural resources. If you don’t plan for them, you simply won’t have them, for long. AES regularly conducts studies and ecological assessments in both urbanizing areas and wilderness tracts, and in areas between, to determine existing conditions and “health trajectories” of natural areas....

  • Streambank and Shoreline Restoration Services

    Streambank and Shoreline Restoration Services

    Streams and lakes are some of the most sensitive environments to land use changes. They are also the environments we want to live next to. And that combination of factors has led to the degradation of many of our precious water resources which today exhibit few of the characteristics of healthy systems that prevailed in pre-settlement times. The fact that the non-profit group, the “Friends of Trashed Rivers” even exists tells us the extent...