Applied Instrument Technologies, Inc. (AIT)

Applied Instrument Technologies (AIT) delivers process analyzer solutions to the leading companies of the world. We serve the hydrocarbon processing, chemical, biotech/pharmaceutical, steel, natural gas, as well as other manufacturing industries. AIT can also provide integrated turnkey solutions with the supply of sample interfaces, sample conditioning systems, enclosures and shelters.

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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

These products coupled with our unmatched customer service and applications support provide substantial bottom line credits and quick pay back times by helping you to:

Process Analytical Technology

  • Reduce processing costs
  • Improve quality
  • Provide enterprise wide product uniformity
  • Line out feed stocks to reduce or eliminate waste and re-cycle
  • Reduce product change-over time
  • Meet environmental, health and safety regulatory requirements

Our brands in spectroscopy and chromatography, ANALECT, FXI, MGA, PIONIR, and RPM are recognized worldwide. AIT's precision technologies allow the seamless transfer of applications and calibrations from the lab to the pilot plant to production. A broad list of products provides multiple solutions to any process monitoring need. FTIR/FT-NIR transmission and reflectance measurements of solids, liquids, gases and supercritical fluids; diode-array NIR transmission measurements of liquids; raman analysis of xylenes; mass spectrometer and process gas chromatograph measurements of gases are a few examples.

Our Commitment to You
We take great pride in designing process analyzer products with the goal of providing you the highest possible performance. We strive to include the latest technology that meets the industry standards and to support our products with the highest level of service and technical support. Our reputation rests on our steadfast pursuit of this policy in all our process analytical technology products.

AIT is led by two industry veterans, Joseph LaConte and Robert Hegger, who have guided the Company to a premier position by never settling for the expected. By creating a Company that has the single largest breadth of technology in the process analyzer business, they have executed their vision of delivering robust analytical solutions across the globe for nearly 20 years. Their philosophy has been at the core of breakthrough advances in hardware and software for process and lab analyzers.

Since its inception in 1996, AIT has partnered with world leading companies to develop innovative products and applications serving the hydrocarbon, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, and steel making industries.

AIT’s unique value proposition is its ability to make multi-component measurements of liquids, gases and solids. The Company is the world leader in providing real-time analysis of fuels blending.