Applied Polymer Systems, Inc.

Applied Polymer Systems, Inc.

Protect the Environment and Avoid Government-imposed Fines With Erosion Control & Water Treatment Products Proven To Work. Erosion contamination that works its way back into streams, rivers, waterways and water supplies is not only dangerous to the environment, it can be the source of hefty government-imposed fines. Whether the source is due to land disturbing activities, inadequate water treatment or a lack of erosion control, it must be dealt with immediately. Removing total suspended solids (TSS) and reducing NTU values can save you from paying the substantial fines offenders are charged.

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519 Industrial Drive , Woodstock , 30189 Georgia (U USA
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

Applied Polymer Systems (APS) uses an innovative approach for the performance optimization of polymer applications. Unlike conventional techniques that tend to only 'get close', APS precisely matches the correct polymer to the desired application. Results are increased performance and reduced cost.

The APS approach has been proven within numerous mining and construction properties within the United States and Canada since 1993 and has led to significant increases in performance and cost reduction. APS was instrumental in securing two U.S. Patents in Water Treatment and Acid Rock Drainage applications. The APS approach has been reviewed and commended by Sr. Environment Scientists within government and private industry.

APS optimizes existing or new processes, operational or environmental processes and applications increasing their efficiency and lowering their cost. Recent knowledge and polymer product advances have undergone dramatic changes within the last seven years. APS is capable of achieving significant improvement in industrial applications. Few consulting firms are aware of the enhanced performances and cost savings that can be realized using these new technological applications.

Laboratory testing and research using over 1100 polymer research papers from agriculture, medical, mining, petroleum, and food processing fields have led to the formation of APS. The result is a precise characterization of the mass-to-charge ratio of the polymer analogous to the specific lithology and chemistry of the target particles of the various substrates. This precise characterization allows for the formation of insoluble chelates resulting in greater particle stabilization which can be easily manipulated in regard to the specific polymer application processes.