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111 West Ocean Boulevard, Suite 1980, Long Beach, California |90802 USA

APTwater is a California-based corporation founded in 1996, headquartered in Sacramento, with a team of engineers and scientists focused on advanced oxidation and advanced reduction processes. Our core business is the development, commercialization and implementation of water treatment technologies meeting the APTwater company standard of Clean Water No Waste. The HiPOx process is a recognized leader in environmental remediation market segment with over 75 commercial installations. HiPOx is increasing market penetration in the Municipal, General Industrial and Mining market segments. The PulseOx process Has demonstrated success in soil / groundwater remediation with over 200 commercial installations. ARoNite is approved by CDPH and NSF, biologically reduces nitrate (NO3–) to nitrogen utilizing hydrogen to promote and control the growth of naturally occurring autotrophic bacteria within the ARoNite module.


APTwater LLC (aka. Applied Process Technology, Inc. and APTwater Inc.) is a water treatment manufacturer, seller, and servicer.  After a business acquisitions in February, 2015, APTwater is now wholly owned by McWong Environmental Technology (MET), who is a full service environmental engineering company headquartered in Sacramento, CA, with office in Shanghai China.

APTwater specializes in advanced oxidation processes (AOP) that do not create waste streams or by-products. APTwater incorporated in 1996 and has fluctuated between 10-20 employees over the years.  We have over 100 deployed systems across the country and overseas based our two primary technologies, HiPOx (“high pressure oxidation”) and PulseOx (pulsing oxidation”).  We have a new up-and-coming technology, named ARoNite (Autotrophic Reduction Of Nitrate), previous also known as the membrane biofilm reactor (MBfR).

The developing ARo-Series Technologies also includes:

ARo-Chrome: Cr(VI) → Cr(III) solids

ARo-Perc: Perchlorate → Cl- ion

ARo-Sel: Selenate → Se(0) solids




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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

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Internationally (various countries)

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$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

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