Together we would like to determine how Aqana can share a wastewater solution. Without a doubt one of our concepts will fit your situation. To realize your solution, you can count on the Aqana team that represents top level experience in industrial anaerobic wastewater treatment. For many years our team members shared wastewater solution integrated in processes. From the Netherlands or through our local partners we can build a complete wastewater treatment plant. Or we can even send a complete installation out packed in shipping containers.

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Smidsstraat 2, P.O. Box 2013 , CA Sneek , 8600 Netherlands
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Service provider
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Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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An anaerobic process is a beautiful and simple natural occurrence. With the absence of oxygen waste is converted to biogas and only a small amount of sludge. But as in most cases, a human synthesis of a natural process ends up very complicated. Aqana® takes advantage of the bacterial property to attach to surfaces. The anaerobic bacteria are grown on a floating carrier. This is where Aqana could makes the difference. By using a floating carrier bed the reactor design is that simple it fits in any tank. Three concepts are the product of the research and collaboration with launching customers.

From our company in the Netherlands we operate worldwide in wastewater treatment. In achieving our goals we are continuously expanding our partnerships to share our technology and realize local projects.

In our specially developed Aqana's partnership program, we closely collaborate with license partners and share the possibilities of the Aqana system.

We are focused on companies active in wastewater treatment, who are missing the anaerobic technology in their portfolio.

For green-field or expansion purposes, our most simple solutions is an anaerobic reactor that fits in basically any tank on the market available. Within a short amount of time a complete anaerobic installation of sound quality can be build. It is a system that will bring you more than just the benefits of anaerobic wastewater treatment.

The DACS keywords:

  • Most simple system with all anaerobic benefits
  • Low CAPEX and minimal OPEX
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Production of green biogas

If space is a limitation for treating wastewater on-site, the DANA will be of your interest. On the footprint of only an anaerobic reactor, a system can be build that includes: Anaerobic treatment, Aerobic treatment, gas flare, gas buffering and even gas treatment.

The DACS DANA keywords:

  • Most compact system
  • All anaerobic and aerobic benefits

Since treating wastewater is not a new occurrence, many sites already own an aerobic treatment plant. Disadvantages like: 'high energy consumption and sludge production', are no new issues to many customers. With the DACS® retrofit we can easily upgrade an aerobic plant. An existing aerobic tank can be converted to an anaerobic DACS® reactor within very limited time frame. By upgrading to anaerobic treatment you can multiply your treatment capacity. Sludge disposal is brought to a minimum. Instead of consuming huge amounts of energy, the DACS® will produce significant energy from wastewater.

The technology in keywords:

  • Use of existing infrastructures
  • Best solutions for capacity expansion