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AquaBlast has a product line built to perform well even in the harshest conditions. When searching for your next pressure washer system, you may find that they all look the same, but our company is different, offering you the ability to operate our units any time of day or any day of the year. We don’t lower our product quality to compete with big box stores—we maintain the same quality we’ve had since 1962. AquaBlast has pressure washers for agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential environments. Choose from gas, diesel, electric, or liquid propane, and hot or cold water. Our washers can produce anywhere from 1 GPM to 800 gallons per minute with 500 to 30,000+ PSI. Our team has experience with private businesses, government cleaning jobs, and military installations.

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1025 West Commerce Drive , Decatur , Indiana 46733 USA
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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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In 1962, Paul Gerber envisioned a company that was accessible to individuals, farming communities, and businesses. His entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge in mechanics resulted in the creation of Aqua Blast Corporation. Paul Gerber located this company close to home in Bluffton, Indiana. As business grew and technology was expanding Modern Mill of Bluffton, Indiana approached Paul Gerber with the desire to purchased Aqua Blast in 1982. This purchase led way for more modern advancements in the creation of machinery used for cleaning and sanitation.

After 2 years of business with the beginnings of the Information Age, Phil Kaehr saw the opportunity to purchase the company and add his business acumen to mold Aqua Blast into a full service company that can Market, Manufacture, Sell, and Service pressure washing machines. This purchase took place in 1984, resulting in the relocation of the company to the outskirts of Decatur, Indiana. In March of 1989 as Phil Kaehr was approaching retirement he knew he wanted the company to end up in the hands of someone that would continue the tradition of a family oriented, customer focused, quality driven company and that is where Bob Heyerly and David Tumbleson come in. In 1989, Bob Heyerly and David Tumbleson, which were dedicated employees to Phil Kaehr, jumped at the opportunity to purchase the company.

In the 1995 as business continued to expand for Aqua Blast, Bob and David needed more space to operate and found the perfect location in central Decatur that would allow them to operate both the office and workshop in one building. Bob Heyerly and David Tumbleson continued to cultivate the business expanding into international sales until September of 2008, when Bob Heyerly retired and sold his half of the company to David Tumbleson. Today David Tumbleson still carries on the traditions created in the early beginnings of Aqua Blast by focusing on quality American built machines that come with not only satisfaction guaranteed but, service guaranteed.