Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists has over 20 years as a full service provider and manufacturer of reverse osmosis systems and water treatment equipment. We specialize in providing customer specific water treatment programs, as well as custom built water purification systems for commercial, institutional, and industrial clients. Our products and services are proven to conserve water and reduce overall costs by improving performance and reducing downtime. Our custom-tailored water treatment programs will also extend equipment life and improve overall efficiency, which will reduce energy consumption and costs.

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8451 Miralani Drive, Suite C , San Diego , CA 92126 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Many ask us what is it about Water Treatment Specialists that set us apart for our competitors? Our answer, is our commitment to cutting-edge technology, excellent customer service and our experience with over 20 years as a full service provider and manufacturer of reverse osmosis systems and water treatment equipment. Based out of San Diego California we stand out in the water treatment industry for our wide range of services offered such as on-site support, comissioning, technical support, custom engineering, service and maintenance.  Water Treatment Specialist’s large product line can meet any water treatment application and our skilled staff can assist in the process of determining which equipment best fits your specific water needs.

Water Treatment Specialists has been serving the water treatment and reverse osmosis industry for over two decades and uses only the highest quality components in our manufacturing facility. We ensure high quality, efficient and customized reliable designs for long term value. All of our reverse osmosis systems and water treatment equipment has been engineered with the customer and ease of maintenance in mind. The number one goal of ours is to provide the highest quality products and equipment as well as the highest quality service to the customer for the lifetime of the system.

Our number one mission is to provide the best in customer service and technical support for the water treatment and reverse osmosis industry.

Water Treatment Specialists is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of commercial and industrial water treatment and reverse osmosis systems. With over 20 years in the water treatment industry Aqua Clear is committed to providing superior quality products, services, engineering and customer support.

We offer a wide range of systems ranging from 500 gallons per day to 1,000,000+ gallons per day.

We provide standardized reverse osmosis systems and water filtration systems from our base product line as well as custom engineered systems based upon your applications specific requirements.

Our membrane separation choices provide for several applications such as tap water, brackish water, and sea water.

We also provide all support equipment for any reverse osmosis system application such as pre-treatment equipment, particulate filters, water softeners, granular carbon filters, chemical feed systems, and ultraviolet disinfection systems. We also provide post-treatment equipment, permeate delivery pumps, storage tanks, ultraviolet disinfection systems, ozone systems, pH correction systems.

We stock and provide most reverse osmosis components and consumables such as tap water membranes, brackish water membranes, nano membranes, sea water desalination membranes, pressure vessels, booster pumps, cartridge & bag filters, loose media and resin, chemical pumps, solution tanks, etc.

Why we are the leader in the Water Treatment and Reverse Osmosis Industry

Just like our water supplies there are many different factors that go into our water sources that make each type unique. In the water treatment and reverse osmosis industry there and many different industries that we at Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists serve. Each industry is unique and requires different aspects of water treatment. With water always being a top priority and as our water supplies run out we are focusing on efforts to reclaim, reuse and utilize other resources. Below is a list of some of the industries Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists serves and provides support for, click the industry to find out more.