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  • Filtration and Membrane Technology

  • AQUAsure - Microseparator

    AQUAsure - Microseparator

    With MICROSEPARATOR, you can produce drinking water which meets the requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance. Without large water tanks, simple, compact and highly robust. MICROSEPARATOR works with a minimum of maintenance and running costs.

  • Aqua SUPERcarb - Ceramic Activated Charcoal Filter

    Aqua SUPERcarb - Ceramic Activated Charcoal Filter

    Uncompromising water quality – the best water for your coffee machine, kettle or boiler straight from the tap. Exceptional filtration performance – high-performance ceramic filter. The Aqua Supercarb SI filter element contains a limescale inhibitor which effectively protects against limescale deposits in the domestic installation and connected devices.