Aqua Technologies of Wyoming Inc.

Aqua Technologies of Wyoming Inc.

Aqua Technology of Wyoming Inc. is setting new standards in wastewater systems and the economical treatment of industrial wastewater. With corporate offices and manufacturing facilities in Casper, Wyoming, we specialize in ET-1 Activated Clay and other industry-specific products, wastewater treatment systems and services for the remediation of contaminated water. Working with Aqua Technologies of Wyoming begins with a personal consultation between you and one of our sales people. After the consultation, we will test your wastewater stream with our systems in our Casper, Wyoming manufacturing facility. It is wise to remember that some dangerous contaminants in water are not easy to detect. Accurate water testing is needed to determine safety, quality, and to identify the need for the specific type of water treatment technology most efficient for the detected contaminants.

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1465 W. Scenic Street , Casper , WY 82601 USA
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Water Treatment
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Aqua Technologies of Wyoming stands alone in capacity as the world’s largest organo-clay filtration media manufacturer by establishing new technological standards for economical treatment of contaminated water. Based in Casper, Wyoming with 25,000 square feet of production space on 3.5 acres, ATI’s Activated Clay is manufactured for use around the globe in applications ranging from ground water remediation, oil & gas well produced water, flow back water and oil refineries, to the largest US EPA Superfund underwater flow through filter ever constructed.The cornerstone of Aqua Technologies success is Activated Clay, the next generation of filtration media. Our proprietary manufacturing process permanently modifies the structure of bentonite clay and transforms it into a selective filtration media that bonds with hydrocarbons and other contaminants on contact.

Because the bentonite clay platelets are rendered permanently hydrophobic and oleophilic at the molecular level, Activated Clay’s contaminant lock technology is capable of adsorbing approximately 70% of its weight in hydrocarbons. Activated Clay can literally distinguish between water and oil. (Watch the Video)  The industry recognized 1% to 10 % hydrocarbon loading of granular activated carbon cannot compare as carbons indiscriminate pore space can be loaded or displaced with any liquid.

A solid industry reputation built through every day use in government contracts, refineries, and multiple applications in the field, is backed by years of independent and government lab tests that prove Activated Clay’s ability to remove a wide range of contaminants to non-detectable levels. ATI’s deliberate sequential use of Physical Technology is the Key…


As the ultimate environmental standard is sustainability, ATI offers an industry leading line of off of the shelf treatment systems that are scalable and transportable with flows ranging from 50 GPM to 3000 GPM. Our systems use physical process technologies and that means NO CHEMICAL CONSUMPTION! Our systems cost far less to operate than conventional chemical injection processes, and our process creates no by-process waste… Instead of just claiming our systems are the best, we offer state of the art automated controls and web-based monitoring. That way operators and/or regulators have proof of compliance in real time from any location on the globe.


At ATI we focus on reducing our customers costs while we raise their level of treatment. Using the patented technological advantages made possible by the IONIZER (Velocity Induced Catalytic Reactor), our systems can break complex emulsions, eliminate Total Suspended Solids and Precipitate Metals out of a wastewater stream. With no moving parts the IONIZER only requires enough power to run a pump from 30 to 70 psi. In direct comparison to conventional processes our system offers Process reliability, low maintenance, low power consumption, no chemicals and significantly reduced cost to operate

With an eye on the future, ATI plans to unveil Activated Clay Bio-Regeneration systems.  Because our standard systems’ transportability equals point remediation, the next generation system will provide the producer with the capability to filter contaminated source water , biologically destroy the contaminant in the filter on site, and certify the process in real time. Potential application inquiries and current process reviews are always welcome.

Detailed information on the products and services of our company can be found throughout the website via the navigation menu buttons on the top left of each page, or through the blue text links found on each page. If you would like to contact us, please visit our contact page for detailed contact information.


Third party laboratory analysis will confirm the contaminants. While your company will pay this step of the process, options include using one of our third-party laboratories or a laboratory of your choice. The waste stream test and advice are free!

Next, for a nominal fee, Aqua Technologies of Wyoming can bring a small scale treatment system to your facility where we can perform a slip stream treatment test of your particular waste stream. If we treat your water to required discharge specifications and your company purchases a system or utilizes our services we will refund the fee charged for the slip stream test.

Following a successful test, your company has the choice of either purchasing the system and ET-1 Activated Clay to treat your stream or hiring Aqua Technologies of Wyoming Inc. to treat your stream for you. For no up front cost, Aqua Technologies will provide the system and operational personnel. Your only obligation is to pay a fixed cost per gallon or barrel of water treated. We guarantee the results and, if there is a fine, we pay it!

Physically Modified Activated Clay

Aqua Technologies ET-1 Activated Clay filtration medium provides the most effective means of removal ofhydrocarbons and other organic constituents from aqueous waste streams. The difference between ET-1 Activated Clay and other “organophilic” type media is that ours is physically modified throughout versus the typical “surface” modification process used by other manufacturers.

Additionally, ET-1 Activated Clay is a 100% clay-based product. Other products on the market generally contain up to 70% anthracite coal or carbon to support the clay product in the vessel and to provide porosity. ET-1 Activated Clay simply does not require such “fillers”.

This unique technology is the key to cost effective, successful remediation, and Aqua Technologies can provide your company with the product to ensure your success.