AQUALE Ecofox Développement S.P.R.L.

Located in the heart of Wallonia, AQUALE company is present on the Belgian and international market as a consulting firm since 2002. It also benefits from the historical experience of sister company `ECOFOX SA` founded in 1992. At AQUALE`s, we combine expertise, innovation and R&D in fields such as geology, hydrogeology, reuse of underground ressources (groundwater and quarries), geothermal energy and studies on polluted soils and aquifers.

Company details

Rue Ernest Montellier, 22 , Noville-les-Bois , B-5380 Belgium

Locations Served

Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater - Soil and Groundwater Consulting and Engineering
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Specializing in the protection of the environment in the broad sense, we provide and develop advices and expertise, we perform impact studies and detailed risk analysis and we provide project and system management.

Whether you represent a private company, a community or an individual, we accompany you through all the processes of carrying out the missions entrusted to us from the initial study to the final validation.

Our ambition undoubtedly remains to develop high quality advices and studies through personalised approaches and solutions.

Independent company AQUALE - ECOFOX Development is distinguished by the dynamism and motivation of its team, consisting of civil engineers (geology, mining and quarrying ...) as well as science graduates from universities in Belgium and Europe.

Our team is constantly trained in new techniques and technologies for the various sectors in which we operate, namely landfill or inerting centers, pollution containment systems, enhancement of mineral / drainage waters and risk studies.

We also work with many subcontractors specialized in their respective fields according to the missions entrusted to us. This allows us to carry out projects from A to Z while ensuring an adapted quality service and a reasonable budget that is kept under control.

Our values

Competence, integrity and passion, these are the values that make up the foundation of our corporate culture.


The value and reliability of our services result in particular from the expertise and the pursuit of excellence that we strive to associate with each step of the mission with which our company AQUALE assist you. Ongoing training and management structure actively contribute to the realization of this commitment.


The special attention that our team and our collaborators bring to the protocols as well as to the rules of deontology, implies that intellectual honesty and the sense of responsibility are valued within AQUALE. Thus, our objectives are to fulfil our commitments and to develop services in line with the pragmatic and sustainable management of environmental resources.


It is passion that, within the AQUALE team, drives the efforts of our engineers and hydrogeologists, makes them coordinate, fill in field notebooks, interpret various data, communicate results and advices and ultimately enjoy the success of a well done job.

Based on this corporate culture, our ambition and pride certainly remains to develop high quality studies and advices through responsible and personalised approaches and solutions.

Accreditations Walloon Region

Aquale is accredited in the Walloon Region as the author of environmental impact studies for the following project categories:

  • Mining and quarrying
  • Waste management
  • Water management (catchment, purification, distribution and treatment)


  • ISO 9001 certification procedure underway

Whether you are a public body, private company or individual, AQUALE advises and assists you by providing you with the expertise of a registered company and a team whose know-how and multidisciplinarity are widely recognized.

Even in complex disciplines, recent and highly targeted, we have developed a scientific expertise and methodological control, the quality and completeness of which are recognized by a large number of actors in Wallonia, Brussels and abroad. We are particularly skilled in numerical modeling in 1D, 2D or 3D. This type of studies includes activities and tips that accompany both upstream and downstream.

To offer a solution, we operate ideally at the stage of the draft, to interact effectively with teams of architects and engineers of the client and contribute to best meet the priorities and real needs that have been coordinated.

Experience and mastery of techniques and proven processes for over 10 years allows us to develop solutions that are always distinguished by high standards of quality in response to traditional issues or complex, small-scale or integrated with large-scale projects.