AquaLocate manufactures and distributes the most advanced seismoelectric technology, the GF6 Exploration System. The GF6 system helps determine the potential cost of drilling, gives yield estimates, and provides a solid plan of action for your drilling project. AquaLocate is a worldwide expert in groundwater locating services and exploration. Since 2001 our resources have supported projects on 6 continents and in more than 25 countries. AquaLocate’s comprehensive training program has helped individuals from all over the world become certified GF6 operators. Those operators used their new knowledge to support existing and new businesses.

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Mineral Wells , TX 76068 USA


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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Our Mission
AquaLocate is changing the well drilling industry one project at a time. Our mission is to spread the most advanced water locating methods and technology worldwide in order to make finding water achievable and accessible to those who would otherwise be left without.

19+ Years Experience
Since 2001, AquaLocate has been a leader in advancing groundwater survey technology. Our success in finding and predicting aquifers comes from conducting over 30,000 soundings all over the world.

Patented Technology
AquaLocate is the owner and manufacturer of the patented GF6 seismoelectric system, the most advanced groundwater exploration technology available.

Worldwide Impact
We have supported drilling projects in over 25 countries on 6 continents. Our training program has certified individual operators from around the world.

AquaLocate started as a family business with Co-founders Ervin and Christine Kraemer bringing seismoelectric technology to the United States from the UK. All three of the Kraemer children (now grown) have assisted in operating the business at one point or another. Ervin's primary role has been control and management of the science and technology itself to include the redesign of the original system. While Christine's role has been marketing the service and sales of the technology internationally, securing initial exclusivity and patenting. After nearly two decades of educating the public and industry professionals about the technology, conducting soundings and training new operators on the proper operation of the GF6, Ervin and Christine have created a network of over 100 national and international professionals at your service. AquaLocate is constantly growing and we want you to be a part of the journey.

The co-owner of AquaLocate, Ervin Kraemer is the foremost subject matter expert on seismoelectric exploration systems, particularly the GF6 and PL14. As the sole GF6 manufacturer, distributor and upgraded software/hardware designer, Mr. Kraemer leads in knowledge of seismoelectric exploration systems and has trained operators of the system around the globe over the last 19+ years.

Aquifer Profiles
Estimate groundwater depth and thickness.

Maps & Reports
Maps and reports, provide yield estimates.

Water Tables
Analyze and Delineate water tables.

Permeable Profile
Analyze permeability variations across a large area.