Water analysis and environmental protection are the focal points of our product development, product lines as well as applications development and support. We are one of the best known manufacturers of equipment for water and wastewater analysis, specializing in BOD and COD measurement and photometry and a supplier of a variety of portable instruments for the measurement of ph, conductivity and oxygen as well as easy-to-use test kits and biological activity measurement by digital manometry.

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Schleefstraße 12 , Dortmund , DE-44287 Germany

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Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)

AQUALYTIC is one of the best-known manufacturers of equipment for water and wastewater analysis, specializing in BOD measurement and photometry. We also provide portable instruments for the measurements of pH, Conductivity and Oxygen as well as easy-to-use test-kits.

AQUALYTIC was previously the sales division of Hoelzle & Chelius GmbH, one of the world’s experienced companies in field of water care and water treatment. This sales division was established in 1974, trading under the name of H+C Water-Test-Equipment.

However, because of the extremely rapid expansion of our international business, we needed to change our name to one which would be recognizable throughout the world. It was ACHEMA 1985 exhibition that we first introduced our Water Testing Equipment under the trademark AQUALYTIC.

AQUALYTIC became an independent company in 1996 and entered a cooperation agreement with Tintometer GmbH in Dortmund, Germany, manufacturers of water testing equipment and indicator reagents in tablet form. The Tintometer organization markets their range of equipment and reagents under the brand name Lovibond.

In November 1998 due to expansion, AQUALYTIC moves to a new site in Langen, Germany, next to the international airport of Frankfurt/Main. With this, doubling our space and updating our electronic data processing system, we could expand our service and production line for future growth.

As an integral part of Tintometer Group of Companies we gave up our premises in Frankfurt in 2003 and moved into an own office in Dortmund. Being that close to the new Tintometer Logistic centre and the permanently grown production facility we are now able to shorten our delivery time as well as improving our reaction time on the market demands.

Up to now the brand name AQUALYTIC is well known and integrated in many countries all over the world. It stands for high-quality products Made in Germany. We have enjoyed a close and long-lasting cooperation with most of our customers because they are not o0nly customers to us but a part of our Tintometer family.

  • Instruments:
    • Photometers
    • COD-Equipment
    • BOD-Equipment
    • Turbidity Meters
    • Hand-held-Meter
    • Measurement systems for aeribic and anaerobic metabolism
  • Applications:
    • Waste Water, municipal
    • Waste Water, industrial
    • Boiler/Cooling Water
    • Drinking Water
    • Swimming Pool Water
    • Surface Water
    • Education (schools)
    • Environmental testing
    • Research Institutes (microbiology)