AquaReuse PTY LTD

AquaReuse PTY LTD

Without a doubt an increasing concern facing communities all over the world today is the issue of a diminishing water supply. High levels of pollution in these resources are multiplying to the point where untreated or badly treated waste water is finding it`s way into ground water systems, natural waterways and storage areas. Coupled with that, growing populations are placing increasing demand on these scant water resources. The danger of polluted waste water systems entering clean natural water systems could prove to be disastrous fatal and has actually stopped the development of land in many areas. The provision of centralised sewage treatment systems is increasingly being called into question and in many circumstances are now being abandoned in favour of smaller decentralised systems. These systems have a focus on dealing with waste streams at a local level and recycling within their boundaries.

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2/7 Widemere Road , Wetherill Park , NSW 2164 Australia

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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)