Aquas INC.

Aquas INC.

AQUAS is a leading international smart water sensors and networking solutions manufacturer. AQUAS provides innovative, reliable and simple to use solutions designed for a wide range of water , wastewater, power and energy, oil and gas, heavy industry, environment, weather, smart agriculture , transportation, and machine to machine applications.

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11F-3, No.408,Ruiguang Rd. , Taipei , 11492 Taiwan

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Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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AQUAS provides innovative, reliable and simple SCADA solutions designed for a wide range of water , wastewater, environment, weather, agriculture and structure applications.
Products including RTU controller, reader data logger, digital transmitter, smart meter reader, configuration software, WEB operation and monitoring software,...etc.

Many of our products are treat for the advanced water SCADA system, such as pressure management, leak analysis, pipleline break, detection, water quality control, pump/value operation optimization, automatic meter reading...etc. Our award winning RTU/Data Logger has become a standard piece of equipment for the DMZ leak detection and pressure management operation, supplied to water companies throughout the cities around the world, has been credited with saving million gallons of water per day.


  • Innovative and Useful Society
  • Matured Market for Innovation
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    Product Research, Development and Design, System Integration and Engineering, Maintenance Service